Relatable Quotes For Adults Trying Their Best

Being an adult is hard. Like, really hard. Some of us are barely getting by, most of us are drinking by 3:00 PM. Whether we're failing at work, or failing at home, or failing with friends—there's no denying it, we're failing.

So relatable to be struggling that, many of us feel the same way about adulting. These quotes just get it.

Why are they so much money?

Rugs are literally pieces of fabric that get dirty because you walk all over them with your feet and shoes. So, why do they cost more than my rent? Why can't I just grab one on sale, or on clearance? Do rugs ever go on sale?!

Do people still do this?

Remember when you were younger and you'd wait until 12:00 am and see who texts you or put up a long-winded social media post about you? Now, I'm lucky if I'm even up past 10:00 PM. Forget midnight!

At least we try.

The best kind of friendships are the low-maintenance ones where you don't have to meet up every week or so. I'm sorry we both canceled in March, but let's try next March and see how that works for us both.

I'm literally always on the verge of tears.

If you ask me if I cry more as a kid or more as an adult, I promise that the answer is as an adult. Sure, kids cry a lot. But, as an adult, I cry over way more serious and crazy things. Like, my coffee not being made right.