Andy Cohen Supports Sarah Jessica Parker Against 'Misogynist Chatter' About Her Gray Hair

Look, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Hollywood is sexist AF. Women who are over the age of forty are almost always given the role of mother, aunt, or wife. Men in Hollywood, of course, are only seen as better with age — think James Bond. Men would never be forced to play only husbands and dads, so why should women?

This past week, Sarah Jessica Parker made headlines for saying she was so over people being sexist towards her and her "Sex and the City" costars.

Speaking with Vogue SJP slammed the "misogynist chatter" about her aging looks and gray hair.

"Gray hair gray hair gray hair. Does she have gray hair?’ I’m sitting with Andy Cohen and he has a full head of gray hair, and he’s exquisite," she explained.

"Why is it okay for him? I don’t know what to tell you people."

"Especially on social media. Everyone has something to say. 'She has too many wrinkles, she doesn’t have enough wrinkles.’ It almost feels as if people don’t want us to be perfectly okay with where we are, as if they almost enjoy us being pained by who we are today, whether we choose to age naturally and not look perfect, or whether you do something if that makes you feel better," she said.

This badass attitude is why SJP has remained a fan favorite for so many years.

Now, her bestie Andy Cohen is backing her up, as only the king of Bravo can!

During his Thursday appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Andy slammed the criticism of her gray hair, which was sparked after the actress and Watch What Happens Live host were spotted out at lunch in New York City this past summer.

"She's sitting next to me... and all the articles [are] 'Sarah Jessica Parker, she's going gray, she looks old.' It was insanity. People just missed the mark totally," he said.

"It was misogynistic, and she was so right." he added, as per People.

Yes, she was right! Who cares what color hair Sarah Jessica Parker has — she's SARAH JESSICA PARKER!