Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Womanhood

What is womanhood? What does it mean and how do we define it? It's a long and complicated question with far more than simply one correct answer.

Womanhood is a subjective term, therefore it represents something different to everyone. In order to get a better idea of what that is, have a look at these quotes that almost perfectly sum up womanhood.

When you speak nothing but the facts.

I wish that men were allowed to subtract 10 lbs every time we stepped on the scale. But suffice it to say that 10 lbs wouldn't even begin to quantify our guts — nor our male egos.

It will keep on happening, too.

When you set your sights on the lowest common denominator, that's precisely what you'll find. Know yourself and know your worth. Otherwise, you'll wind up kissing a frog dressed in prince's clothing, every time.

It all comes down to efficiency.

I'm sorry to say it ladies, but a lot of you just aren't hard workers. Case and point, my fiancee and I can be working on the same project, and while it might take me the whole day to complete — she does it in only 15 minutes.

That should tell you something.

You just have to look with your eyes open.

It's not our fault, there are just certain things that men are incapable of locating when we actually need them. I can tell you right now where my car keys are, but as soon as I have to leave the house — they'll disappear in an instant.