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Couple Discovers They Birthed The Wrong Baby After Fertility Clinic's IVF Mix-Up

For couples who are hoping to welcome a child into their family but run into fertility issues, in vitro fertilization can come as an important life line.

However, it's also not an easy one as the process of fertilizing an egg outside of the womb is long, uncertain, and expensive, but many couples have found that it was their only chance to have a biological child together.

But just like in natural pregnancies, you never truly know what's going to happen as an embryo develops. And as two California couples found out, that goes double when your pregnancy journey relies on the diligence of other people.

About four years after their daughter Olivia (pictured) was born, Alexander and Daphna Cardinale tried for another baby.

As People reported, this brought them to the California Center for Reproductive Health in Los Angeles for IVF treatments.

But while this process resulted in a successful delivery in September of 2019, Alexander couldn't shake the feeling that their new baby didn't look like either parent.

For her part, Daphna noticed the lack of resemblance as well, but tried to convince Alexander he was overreacting.

As she said, "But she felt so familiar to me because I carried her and I birthed her."

Still, they weren't the only people who noticed something was amiss as their friends and family told them the baby looked like she was of a completely different ethnicity.

Finally, Daphna grew frustrated with these suspicions and commissioned a DNA test. And by November, they would learn that the baby had nothing in common with them genetically.

As Alexander said, "That's when our world started falling apart."

Because in the months before the truth was revealed, both the couple and their daughter had loved the baby dearly.

This was particularly true in Olivia's case, who begged her parents not to give the baby up when she heard the news.

However, when the Cardinales' attorney had discovered that the fertility clinic accidentally switched their embryo with another couple's, he also learned that the other couple had been in the same situation they had and named the Cardinales' baby Zoë.

As Alexander said, "It's weird learning the name of your child when you didn't name her."

As a result of this mix-up, the Cardinales are now suing the fertility clinic and its owner Dr. Eliran Mor for medical malpractice, negligence and fraud among other torts.

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But while the family is still reeling from this incident two years later, one blessing that has come from this situation is that they've become very close to the other family, who live only 10 minutes away.

In Alexander's words, "We've spent every holiday together since then. We've spent every birthday together since then — and we've just kind of blended the families."

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