People Are Calling Out The Industries They Hate

There are many different types of industries that one can work in throughout the business world. Some work in industrial and others work in retail.

Some work in customer service and others work behind a desk all day in a cubicle. However, on the other side of it all, there are many industries we cannot stand nor cannot tolerate and, here they are.


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On both ends, Reddit users share unanimously that working in telemarketing is a terrible job.

And, people receiving telemarketer calls are also unhappy, too. No one wants the calls, and no one wants to make the calls, either. It's a no-win situation.

Ticket scalper websites.

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"Ticket scalping and ticket services like “Ticketmaster.”

They have artificially inflated the price of tickets to a ridiculous extent and effectively priced out countless fans," said one Reddit user, who is not entirely so off base or wrong in his opinion.

Puppy mills.

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Reddit user Back2Bach shared that puppy mills are easily the worst, and others chimed in to share their reasonings, too.

One said the dogs almost always end up sick or with some form of disease, and they are oftentimes treated poorly, too.

"Fast Fashion."

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"I work at Old Navy. Even the plastic waste going out is shameful. I would estimate that we toss out at least two full size industrial garbage bags' worth of plastic hangers per day, and that's one location.

All because they would rather ship clothes pre-hung than pay employees to hang new clothes on old hangers," shared CalloryTradeline.

Time shares.

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"I have a relative that has owned 4 weeks at one for over 20 years. Last time I heard, he's paying over $5000/year total in 'maintenance fees' whether he uses it or not. He's used it a handful of times," said HandyDrunkard.

Reality TV.

Groovy_Chainsaw said reality TV shows and the industry is a total wash.

Many shared that they have a few shows they like, but for the most part it's "wannabe" celebrities and total trash TV.

Social Media Influencers.

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"I'm a teacher and the amount of students who put little to no effort into their education because they think they will just immediately become a famous influencer when they leave school is beyond ridiculous.

I personally find a lot of influencers annoying but clearly, they are providing entertainment, it's just a shame the influence they are having on school kids is overly negative," said Raiseyourspoonforwar.

The entire wedding industry.

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Many shared their belief that the wedding industry is total extortion and the more you try to be "traditional," the more things end up costing you in the end.

Many said that the "tradition" is the stuff with the high price tag.

The U.S. Health Insurance Industry.

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"The health insurance industry as it currently exists in the US. It's nothing but a barbaric, extortionist system that exists to deny people care, f**ks with people endlessly before and during access to care, and squeezing people as hard as possible financially. It's indefensible and it kills thousands of people every year," shared NYArtFan1.

Political profit.

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"If you’re in politics, and hold some significant position, you should make enough money to live a decent life, maybe $100k a year in current dollars if we’re being generous, but literally nothing more," shared One-Angry-Goose.

Tax preparation services.

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" Tax Preparation Companies like TurboTax and H&R block. The government knows how much I owe so this entire industry is unnecessary and could very easily not exist if they just told me how much I have to pay," said LeopoldIsNotMe.

Funeral parlors.

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"I don’t want a funeral and my family paying thousands for a service. Our state has allowed body composting and I want to be returned to the earth. My family paid thousands for a funeral for my uncle and it was awful. Wasted money on a preacher even though he was an Atheist," said CatGirlColorado.

The cable industry.

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"The cable industry shot itself in the foot by refusing to evolve. I used to work for one of the big cable companies and it felt like we were on top of the world. By around 2007 I could see the writing on the wall. The industry was refusing to listen to customer demands," shared ChorizoGarcia.

For Profit Prisons.

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"There should be no incentive to keep someone in prison. If we, as a society, want to send someone to prison, it should be a strict negative all around, no one at the top should benefit. Sending someone to prison should be something that EVERYONE wants to avoid and we should try to keep people from re-offending as much as possible," said ForceGoat.

House flippers.

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"They completely wipe out the bottom market of people scraping together funds who CAN afford a house just cant compete with their all cash deals. And to the “bUt NoBoDY wOuLd BuY ThOSE HoMeS”…there are special rehab loans specifically intended for fixer uppers," shared PrincessPeach1229.

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