Woman Discovers Her Neighbor Is A Radio Host Thanks To Unflattering On-Air Rant

Considering how many neighbors end up butting heads over petty matters, it's a wonder that any of us can live next to each other.

And whether it's because of something the neighbor's dog or kids are doing or simply the ways their personalities mesh, a lot of people have discovered the hard way that they're not as chill and difficult to annoy as they may once have thought.

But while it can be fairly easy to avoid problem neighbors when there are entire houses between you, it gets a little trickier when the only thing separating you is one wall.

And that's how one little clash between neighbors ended up ballooning into an internet sensation big enough to surprises the both of them.

After moving to Chicago from Philadelphia, a woman named Sabina was hoping to make fast friends with her new neighbors.

But according to Bored Panda, one of the neighbors she sought to make that connection with couldn't be less interested.

As he said to her, "This isn’t a sitcom, this isn’t Friends."

She would later admit, this lack of interest made her want to talk to him more and he suspected that this is why she asked for his help with a package that didn't turn out to be that heavy.

And Sabina would soon learn exactly how her neighbor Justin felt about all this attention when she discovered that he co-hosted a show on a local radio station.

As we can hear in this clip, he said he isn't one for small talk, but talk seemed to be all Sabina wanted to do.

And when one of his co-hosts said, "She got the wrong neighbor when she came next to you on that one," he said that she came to that realization as well.

While Sabina didn't exactly like what she heard, she said that she made her video largely because she figured the situation would make for good content.

However, it turned out that her instincts were more correct that she ever wanted them to be.

Not only did her TikTok go viral with 13.6 million views, but some of her viewers apparently felt so strongly about the fact that Justin talked about her on the radio that he started receiving a barrage of hateful messages.

According to him, this included everything from calls to get him fired to death threats.

As he would share in a later broadcast, this led Sabina to apologize for making the TikTok and offering to delete it.

Instead, he asked her to make a second video that explained the situation in greater detail and invited her onto his show.

As we can see, she kept that promise and implored her viewers to stop sending either of them hate because it wasn't as big of a deal as they were making it out to be.

She also clarified that her name wasn't mentioned so anyone accusing Justin of spreading her business around could be safe in the knowledge that she was — in her words — "blowing her own spot up."

She also said that accepts that Justin doesn't want to be her friend and doesn't feel as though he needs to be.

Hopefully, that resolves things for the peanut gallery.

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