20 People Who Were Confused By Life In The Funniest Way Possible

We live in a world full of instructions, warning signs, and general advice being handed to us on seemingly every flat surface across the globe — and yet, there are still some people who manage to make the strangest of mistakes.

To go through a few such people, please enjoy these 20 people who were confused by life in the funniest way possible.

"I think this is the internet's greatest review."

One of the staff members could at least have gotten this guy an ice cream from the truck. If they'd got him one then he would have absolutely given this restaurant five stars!

"My daughter drew a picture of me today. I have to say, it is pretty accurate!"

Still, judging from this picture there is still one very impressive thing that he is able to do which most other dads cannot...and that is the splits!

"I mean, it IS the kids' menu..."

Pretty wild that they would be serving this one the menu that's for sure! I really hope that this has been lost in translation somewhere...if not then I'd be checking out the kitchens at this establishment.

"Apparently my daughter is good at science."

It sounds as though the teacher made the mistake of making things a little too easy here! Although, this kid made the bigger mistake overall, as their teacher will just make the work harder now.

"They did a great job on censoring this guy's face!"

Maybe they could only afford to have someone blur out one of his faces. Having the second face blurred out is always where people ramp up the prices! I mean, probably.

The Harsh Reality Of Life!

This could actually be quite a good tattoo for someone who was really into calligraphy! However, if he isn't into calligraphy then that is one hell of a whoppingly bad tattoo he has found himself with.

"Cereal at my hotel in Greece..."

"Petals In The Chocolate" is infinitely more romantic a name than Chocapic! And "Petals Of Corn" is a much more emotive term than Frosties! These should definitely become the standardised names for these cereals now.

"Judging from that last line. I think that she might actually be looking for a sugar daddy..."

What an amazing translation job that Google Translate has clearly done here. Although, you never know, she may actually be looking for a diabetic father...whatever the hell that means.

"Let this be a remainder to you all!"

No, thank you?! There is also something about the way that this is written which makes it sound something like a modernist poem. However, I am not entirely sure how they have managed this effect.

"This teacher's stunning attempt at correcting my son's spelling."

I don't even see how this teacher could make such a stupid mistake, it's not like ssicors is even that hard of a word to spell! "Sciccors" sound more like a jarg soccer boot brand.

"It is a steal at that price!"

Look, sometimes you are just absolutely desperate to go to the toilet, and in those instances I know a lot of people who would quite happily sell their soul for the feeling of relief!

"My Netflix got confused in the best possible way..."

Squidward's life is kind of as brutal as the Squid Game at times. He is fighting to stay alive, stay sane, and earn enough money to survive with each and every day that he goes to work at the Krusty Krab.

"Tried making a frog cake for my bf, but I think he's gonna leave me."

But don't worry, the phrase "end their pain" was not written in mustard as some people thought. "It's yellow sugar but now that you pointed this out it even looks worse," this person went on to clarify.

"See quick and effective results in just 2 weeks!"

This does seem like it would be a great way to let go of some of your daily stress. Although, the daily stress of not having any money is also pretty bad...hooray for the grim nature of reality.

"It was a good attempt at least."

The correct way of spelling this disorder is actually "Lag toes in taller ants" according to one individual who is presumably a medical professional of some sort. "Lag toes in taller ants" certainly makes more sense that Lactose Intolerance!

"These vases look like they're about to yell at me for something."

These look like they should be in Beauty And The Beast. I don't like the idea of filling my house with inanimate objects which make me feel as though I am a schoolchild once again.

"Man arrives home to find a bear eating his bucket of KFC..."

No bucket of KFC is worth getting potentially mauled by a bear over. Looks like the bear did a bit of a number on the rest of his house as well.

"Well. My catalytic converter's gone."

As bad as things may seem, one person did point out, "On the bright side, you now have a brick. Think positive. You could trade your brick towards the cost of a new catalytic converter. Maybe sell it to somebody who needs it to steal a catalytic converter. They may even give you a discount on your new catalytic converter."

"I fell asleep while heating up some mac n cheese."

I never understood how people managed to fall asleep while waiting for food to cook. Having said that, I will doubtlessly end up doing this exact thing at some point in the not too distant future.

The Conditions Were Far From Perfect!

This person explained: "I went to get my haircut from my mom who, hours earlier, said she went to the eye doctor and wasn’t sure if she could see properly to do it but later on assured me she could."

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