Dunkin' Employee’s Pay For '73 Hours Of F****** Misery' Sparks Wage Debate

TikTok has become increasingly fond of people sharing their workplace secrets. However, one person recently received a lot of attention for a TikTok video which showed them venting their feelings about their pay — as well as what was expected of them during work.

The Dunkin' Donuts employee described their video as a "rant," but it has since sparked something of a debate about wages.

TikTokker @scorchedearthcorey's workplace rant has since amassed over 350,000 views.

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The video, simply titled "Dunkin Donuts Rant," showed the TikTokker's wage slip for having worked what he described as "73 hours of f****** misery."

Many were stunned to see how much the gross pay had come to.

The video showed that he had been paid $875.28 for just under seventy-three hours work.

"I just want you to look at this because for some reason some people think that other people are there to entertain them in their lives, which is [completely] ridiculous and bulls***," he said over the footage of his pay.

"This is what I made. This is my second job — my main source of income to pay child support. This is what I made. This right here," he continued.

He also went on to ask why people felt the need to "bother" him more than necessary while on this wage.

"Do you think with my seventy-three hours of f****** misery and bulls***, that you should come and try to bother me more?" he elaborated. "People think customer service is end-all-be-all. Let me explain something to you... I do not get paid enough to listen to you. I do not get paid enough to take your BS. I do not get paid enough for you to treat me like I'm your entertainment."

(Please be aware that the video below contains some strong language.)

The video has since garnered a lot of reactions, some being in support of his message and others against it.

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"You agreed to a $12 an hour job. They told you this wage before you accepted the position. Get educated, do better," wrote one individual.

However, the majority of the people advocated for widespread living wage being available.

"So tell me this... If everyone goes and works a more 'skilled' job who's going to work at Dunkin'? EVERYONE DESERVES A LIVING WAGE," replied another.

The TikTokker also posted an update explaining that he has life goals beyond wanting to work at Dunkin'.

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Responding to all of the people saying that he should simply learn a skill and get a better job in his first video, he explained in a follow-up that he had previously had a better job but was laid off for not agreeing to move.

"I'm an aspiring movie writer. I have goals; I have dreams," he added emphatically.

However, the fact that everyone should have access to a reasonable living wage was still the prevalent opinion in his follow-up video.

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