Mom's Five-Year-Old Daughter Writes Her A Cute Note With An Awkward Mistake

Kids sometimes say the darndest things, without even realizing how funny it can be.

Their language skills aren't always perfect when they are young, so it takes time to develop and work through. But, worse than their language, their writing skills are a bit behind. Kids will sound things out and try their best, but sometimes, things can be a little funny.

When they're young, kids write how things sound.

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More so than any other language, the English language can be hard to master and learn.

We have 100 words that are basically the same but sound different by .5 syllables or even are the same word just mean different things.

Plus, some letters look identical, too.

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In the English language, W's look like upside-down M's, and b's look like backward d's.

So, it's easy to get things mixed up every once in a while when you are beginning to learn the language for the first time and start writing, too.

One mom recently shared a hilarious note her daughter wrote her, showcasing that language can be hard.

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As kids try to master writing, they spell practically everything wrong. The early stages are all about sounds and phonics, using sounds to "sound everything out" and write things how they sound.

Many things get spelled wrong because let's face it, nothing is spelled how it sounds.

The post was shared on a parenting Facebook group.

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Many parents who have funny and cute notes or paintings from their kids absolutely love to share them on social media.

On the one hand, it's fun to show our kid's blunders. But, it makes other moms feel seen and also normalized.

The daughter asked her mom a simple question in the note.

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The note from her 5-year-old daughter simple was asking a pretty basic question.

Her daughter wanted to know how old she was when she could ride a bike—for the first time. And, most likely because she, herself, was learning how to ride a bike, too.

However, a grave mistake was made, making the message rather cheeky.

Making a small, but a hilarious mistake, her 5-year-old's seemingly innocent note went from super sweet and curious to X-rated and definitely not appropriate for show-and-tell at school.

But, it's through no fault of her own, it's one of those "oopsy" mistakes.

The daughter swapped that b in bike for a d.

What was "how old were you when you could ride a bike" became "how old was you wen you cud rid a dicke."

You can't deny that this is absolutely hilarious but also awkward and inappropriate—all wrapped up into one.

People online were LOLing all over.

One teacher commented it saying this isn't something that she hasn't seen before, but every single time she loves it.

"Love it! I’m a teacher and have seen many many notes like this…… makes me smile every time," the Facebook user commented on the post.

It took others a few minutes to "get it."

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Some Facebook users didn't even know she was trying to write "bike" until they re-read it a couple of times.

Some were extremely confused as to how she even knew what "dicke" was until they realized, she still doesn't.

Overall, people loved the innocence.

Her daughter clearly had no idea she made an error with this because she handed her mom the note with absolutely no regrets or issues at all.

And, people found it so hilariously sweet they shared it 15,000 times on Facebook.

We love kids—most days.

This is the reason we absolutely love kids—ours and everyone else's.

When we're having a bad day, nothing can make you smile like a kid who mistakes the word "bike" for "dick" or, you know, any other naughty and hilarious mistakes.