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Single Mom Goes Viral For Raising Her Daughter To Embrace Different Family Dynamics

Families come in a lot of different dynamics. No two families are identical and many people have different ways of doing things. Some families have two parents, while others may only have one.

Some, then, have more than two parents, while some have step-parents and bonus parents. And, then there are those with two moms or two dads. In 2021/2022, it's not unique.

One single mom online shares her life with her daughter, Luna.

Cassie, a single mom to a daughter, Luna, shares her life with her daughter on Instagram and TikTok. The mom of one showcases that being a single mom is not a negative thing and women are capable and able to raise children alone and do it well.

However, in some videos, people believe Cassie shares too much.

One commenter wrote on a TikTok video that "when Luna is old enough to understand what Cassie says in the videos" it could hurt her in the long run. The commenter also said that "some things should be kept private."

Cassie decided to respond and explain how she raises her daughter.

Cassie said that she raises Luna to know and understand that just because they are only two people, they are still a family. She explains that families come in all different shapes and sizes, some with two parents, and some with only one parent.

She said just because it's her and Luna doesn't make them "any less of a family."

"A parent can be a mom. Some families are a mom and a mom, some families are two dads, some families might be a mom and a dad, you might have a mom and a bonus dad. Family dynamics in 2021—going onto 2022 need to be taught to our children ... so as they grow up, it's more normalized," she said.

Cassie explained she had gotten pregnant with Luna during a one night stand.

She said that the guy she had met, in the Caribbean, was not ready to be a father. And, Cassie didn't fault him for it.

Instead, she had Luna on her own and raises her in the mindset that she is still complete with or without a father in her life.

She said she'll also always speak highly of her father.

"And when she asks about her father, she's going to tell her that they met in the Caribbean and that he also loves scuba diving and traveling," she said.

She also said she wouldn't fault Luna if she eventually wants to find her father down the road in life.

People online praised the mom for her honesty.

People online said that there is nothing wrong with being honest with our kids.

The better off they will be in the long run from not having to run and hide from the truth and down the road, they'll thank us.

Many said that teaching her that her dad isn't a "bad guy" is amazing.

Cassie said that she'll tell Luna that her dad wasn't ready to be a parent, but she was.

And, that she won't talk badly about him, either. Many praised her for that honesty and showcasing that not all dads are "deadbeats."

Another said she was also a "one night stand baby."

A commenter said she, like Luna, is a one-night stand baby and it doesn't bother her at all. Her bio parents don't have a relationship and even as an adult, it never bothered her at all.

Others shared their own stories.

One person said that her dad not being in the picture didn't leave her with any trauma and problems. Not having the contact made it easier because she understood it was his issues and problems, not her mother's.

And, others thanked Cassie for being honest about small families.

Sometimes, single mothers feel bad about having "small families," especially when their friends and family are "bigger families." Many thanked Cassie for making them feel seen and more normalized.

We love the inclusive dynamic!