Spread Christmas Cheer With A Waving 'Elf' Wiper Decal

Are you ready to enthusiastically greet your fellow drivers this holiday season?

If you're a big fan of Buddy the Elf (or you're just really friendly), then boy have I got the novelty wiper shades for you! Inspired by your favorite Christmas movies, holiday wipers are the best way to show your Christmas cheer while on the road. Let's check them out!

He's Buddy the Elf!

Check out this guy right here! Inspired by the movie Elf, this Buddy wiper blade cover is made of two components: an adhesive vinyl decal for your window, and a detachable locking arm that snaps onto your wiper.

It's so jolly that it's terrifying.

It has the exact enthusiasm that Buddy has, which means it's just a bit too much and a little intimidating. It's the perfect thing to put on your car to show people just how much you love Christmas!

If your wipers are attached to the top of your window, never fear.

Buddy can be installed upside down! That gives you an excellent chance to terrify and mystify your fellow drivers. And who doesn't want to do that on their daily commute?

Reviewers love it.

"THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT IVE EVER MADE IN MY VEHICLE. I absolutely love love love Elf and this has made my entire year. 2020 has been full of crap until now!!! I hope this brings you a fraction of the joy it brought to me."

If Buddy is a little too enthusiastic for you, there's a grumpier wiper option...

It's the (the...the...THE GRINCH).

In the same style as Buddy, this Grinch wiper blade cover comes with a vinyl decal and a detachable Grinch arm holding a Santa. You know, for the grumpier Christmas fan.

He is ready to ruin Christmas.

This Grinch has such a threatening aura. I think it's the teeth they have crammed on either side of his lip, you know? His face is going to haunt my dreams.

Naturally, I want to buy this to scare other drivers.

There's also a friendly snowman available!

If Frosty is more your speed, you can get this genuinely adorable snowman to adorn your car! His cute little stick arm and red mitt can greet your fellow drivers as you all navigate the snowy roads.

He's so cute!

I gotta say, this is my favorite of the wiper blade bunch. I love how friendly and welcoming this little snowman is. Buddy and his enthusiasm are a close second for me, though.

You can get all of them on Amazon.

Find Buddy the Elf here, the Grinch here, and the snowman here.

So, what do you think of the concept of wiper decals? Would you get one for your car? Let me know!

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