Women-Only Parking Garage Sparks Debate Online

In today's world, being a woman can be kind of scary. While we all want gender equality and equity for everyone, the truth is that women are oftentimes targeted by men because they are seen as "weak" or vulnerable. Due to this, many women are scared to walk alone at night or even park away from others when they are going anywhere.

Parking lots are something many women fear.

Unsplash | John Matychuk

Parking lots are something that many women fear because they are secluded and dark in most places. Many women are left alone in parking lots and men can find it an easy way to target them for assault.

That's why women think carefully about where they park and how they walk places.

Unsplash | Sven Mieke

Some women park specifically close to other cars so that there can be the possibility of someone else coming near them and being there to protect them. If someone is close by, men are less likely to attack or corner a woman.

Women also carry specific tools and gadgets to protect them.

Unsplash | Markus Spiske

Even if they are forced to park in the dark or even somewhere that is empty and secluded, they carry knives, pepper spray, or gadgets that make tons of noise to cause a scene and alert the masses.

Now, one TikTok video is showcasing how some companies and places are combatting this.

TikTok user natashagallier shared that she found a parking lot that is making specific female-only spaces and sections of their parking lot. They are labeled with the color pink and separated from the regular parking lot areas.

Apparently, there is also security there for the women, too.

The lot apparently has security for protection in the lot where the women are allowed to spark. You also need a specific ticket to get into the area and to park there, not letting random people come through.

Some people said that it's normal in some places across the world.

One person said in Germany, they have this in parking lots that have surveillance cameras, security, and better lighting than most parking lots. Others added that Thailand also has them, too. They "work," according to the people online.

One person said they "thought" it was a good idea, but not anymore.

One person said they had "thought" this was a good idea until they saw some of the comments online from other people. People were saying that it seems like an okay idea, but in reality—it's not.

While the idea is there, many on TikTok were divided about it.

Many said the intentions were good and there, but the execution was poor. They believe that men now know exactly where the women are parked and can now go there to get women when they feel good and ready.

Others said the lot makes it too obvious.

One person pointed out that the female-only parking lot now makes it possible for men to know exactly which cars belong to women and they can hide under the cars and kidnap women. They also said the security should be closer by.

One person said a "regular" parking lot would be better.

Labeling it in pink and "female only" and "women" everywhere makes it far too obvious that it's a preying ground. Instead, they should have had a regular lot and just a code for women to use to park in.

And, then, another said that men can be helpful.

Another person added that while men can be dangerous, men can also be the savior for many women. When women are under attack, bystanders can be the heroes to them—and, they can also be men.

How do you feel about this lot?