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Flight Attendant’s Unhygienic Trolley Service Goes Viral

Flying, for many people, can be stressful. Some have anxiety, others have fear, and then others just hate getting on a plane with other people. One thing everyone knows is that being hungry on a flight is the worst.

That's why we always pack snacks and treats for ourselves, but also hope to grab something on the flight.

Flight attendants usually come around with food.

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For many passengers on longer flights, getting hungry is a whole mood. Many flights include complimentary snacks and meals for international flights. However, there's always a procedure for delivering food.

Passengers usually order their food and then have it brought to their seat.

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Passengers are able to choose what kind of meal they want and, then, the flight attendants come around with their trolly and serve the dishes to the passengers pretty easily.

Snacks are delivered the same way.

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Most of the time, snacks are delivered on the trolly the same way that meals are. The attendants come around and offer juice, coffee, water, and other types of snacks they can feast upon.

Sometimes, you have to pay for snacks on a plane, though.

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Not all snacks are always included on a flight. In fact, you have to pay extra for some of the snacks they have onboard and, no one wants to pay for any of those.

Who wouldn't want to get some stuff for free?

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If you had the opportunity to get some things for free, why wouldn't you? We all love some freebies, even if it means we're grabbing stuff from off the floor, right?

Recently, a video posted on Reddit has sparked some conversation.

In the video, the flight attendants decided to turn snacking on the plane into a competition where they let snacks go flying down the aisle and everyone can take a chance to grab some.

As the flight is so slanted during take off, it's an easy game.

Not only does it look like a fun game for passengers, but we're sure flight attendants also have a pretty good time doing it. Who doesn't want to turn the extra snacks into a competition? They have to go down with the trolly less anyway, then.

Some people thought it was an awesome idea.

Many people said that flight attendants can be boring and also stressed, but it's so nice to see that some of them like to have fun and make the flight more enjoyable for people on board.

Many said they'd be mad if they had a window seat.

The game is fun, but definitely not equitable. The only people who can play seem to be aisle seat people. Window seat people are taking a backseat to this...literally. Poor window seat peeps—you win some, you lose some.

Other people were grossed out.

"Just think of all the shoes that just walked on that area and where they have recently been. Standing in front of a urinal, for starters. Ewwww," shared a Reddit user online.

However, someone pointed out that flights have a whole cleaning crew.

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"Actually, former airport employee, our cleaning crew is very serious. Before every flight the cleaning crew is in there going from top to bottom disinfecting and wiping down, even before COVID.

And if you happen to be on the first flight of the day (midnight) you get a mega deep clean with inspection," said OkContribution99.

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