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Older Woman Called Cops On A Girl Because She Thought She Was 'Too Young' To Own Property

In life, many people have goals they hope to accomplish when they get older. Some hope to meet someone and get married. Others hope to have children. And, then there are those who hope to purchase a home of their own.

As we get older, many of us want to stop paying rent and be our own landlords. Owning a home is a huge accomplishment many strive for.

Depending on where you live, buying a home can be expensive.

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In some cities and places, buying a home is crazy-expensive. For example, in New York City, homes are priced extremely high. However, in Texas, the prices of homes are much lower.

It's all about the cost of living and where you are choosing to buy your property.

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Some people are fortunate enough to afford a home while they are young.

It might be rare, but depending on your circumstances, it's certainly not impossible.

While many people have to wait until they are older, some people are able to afford to buy a home on their own in their youth.

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Like, for example, one Reddit user was able to purchase her first home at the age of 20.

The Reddit user got a total steal at $15,000 for the entire home.

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Most_While_8500 shared that she was able to afford her first home at 20-year-old because the previous owner was an older man who had passed away and they sold the house for cheap. She also didn't have a ton of work to put into the house, which is a plus.

One day, while planting, the Reddit user met her neighbor.

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"3 weeks after moving in, I was outside starting some work clearing out a few places to plant a garden and flowers in the spring. I live in the Midwest so I wanted to get this done before the ground freezes."

"My next door neighbor, I'll call her Jane(50s?), came out and introduced herself," she said.

The woman made an awkward comment about the Reddit user "painting for the old man" who lives there.

"I explained that I just moved in and was preparing my yard for spring."

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"She said it was nice that someone was doing some work for the old man and gave me a spiel about how it's a quiet neighborhood and I shouldn't have parties," she continued.

The Reddit user explained she didn't throw parties, but would be having a housewarming soon.

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Apparently, the woman said it was"weird" she was throwing a housewarming party if she was renting. So, the Reddit user explained she owned the home. The woman did not believe her at all. However, she decided to mind her own business and leave her alone.

The next day, the neighbor returned.

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"I was out painting my front door. She stormed over yelling that I better of had permission to paint someone else's house. I again told her I own the home. She started yelling that I was too young to buy a house and she was contacting my landlord."

"I told her to stop being a busy body and leave me alone," she wrote.

The neighbor ended up asking for proof, and when the Reddit user said no, she called the police.

Big. Freaking. Yikes. The Reddit user showed the proof of ownership to the police.

She even asked the woman to stop trespassing on her property, but she was still angry.

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When she asked her dad for advice, he said she was "wrong" for making an enemy out of her neighbor. So, she asked Reddit for some advice.

Many said that the 20-year-old was totally right.

"You showed the deed to the police and that was enough. Being a 20-year-old living next door almost guarantees with or without a deed your neighbor wasn't going to like you anyway."

"Misery, Jealousy and Envy loves company so be on the lookout for the Real housewives of your neighborhood posse she tries to put together," one person said.

One person said her dad was wrong for taking the neighbor's side.

"Everything went perfectly in this situation because she made an [expletive] out of herself in front of the police right away."

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"Your dad is the [expletive] for having no sympathy for you that your neighbor has personality disorders/mental illness/something," another added.

And, another said that she could have looked for the deed if she really wanted to.

"And deeds are public records. If she cared that much she could have looked it up, or called the "landlord" as she threatened to do (I assume the previous owner) either of which would have cleared it up," said one person.


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