Fans Are Angry After William And Kate Go On Vacation After The Queen Was Hospitalized

Being a celebrity must be incredibly challenging, especially in 2021. It seems like nothing you do is right, no matter how hard you try. Now imagine that multiplied by a thousand if you're members of the British royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don't often catch heat online — however when they do, it can be brutal, to say the least.

Pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their children, arriving at Heathrow airport went viral this week.

The pair, who travelled with their nanny Maria, instantly got people talking as they were snapped outside Heathrow's Windsor Suite.

It's been reported by "The Kit" that the Royal family members are allowed a generous time of vacation, and that the Cambridges seem to be taking full advantage of it.

The publication reported that the family was just recently on vacation, did a handful of royal engagements, and are now seemingly off on holiday again.

This vacation also comes just days after Prince William and Kate Middleton hosted the Earthshot Prize.

As the name suggests, the Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony was created to offer real help and hope for the ongoing climate crisis.

It was noted that no one flew to the event in an effort to combat the negative impact airplanes have on the environment.

If that wasn't bad enough, the heirs to the throne are jetting off right after HM Queen Elizabeth II's recent health scare where she was hospitalized overnight.

As reported by "People" HM was advised last week to cancel her planned two-day visit to Northern Ireland to mark its 100th anniversary.

Instead, Queen Elizabeth stayed home at Windsor Castle to rest.

It was later reported that the monarch spent one night at King Edward VII's Hospital in London for "preliminary investigations."

The statement said that the HM remained in "good spirits" after the stay, and was back at her desk the following day.

As you can imagine, this vacation has caused a lot of mixed responses online.

"Hope we get a Royal Rota story this week of SO-CALLED ECO FRIENDLY William & Kate + children + Nanny at Heathrow, exiting a GAS GUZZLING SUV to hop onto a PRIVATE PLANE," tweeted one angry fan.


"Poor nanny Maria doesn’t seem to have a personal life of her own," said another. "She’s gonna spend her life minding William’s children & then be sidelined just like Queen & Margaret excommunicated their nanny."

"So there goes the narrative of Prince William & Kate Middleton huddled by the Queen’s bedside," tweeted a different fan.

"When Queen was hospitalized, William & Kate were packing for a vacation," they added.

"I’m sure they are traveling in a solar power jumbo jet!" tweeted one user.

"Another holiday! They must be so tired of all that dressing up, waving, smiling and scheming to continue their scrounging," said another.

Despite the rumours and fan speculation, it's easy to assume HM approved the family's vacation plans.

It wouldn't make any sense for them to leave her if she was not doing well in the hospital —I'm sure the monarch gave the duke and duchess her blessing!