Celebrities People Once Loved (But No Longer Do)

Controversy has a way of following certain celebrities.

This has the potential of taking beloved celebs and turning them into public enemy no. 1!

We've seen it happen time and time again, with familiar faces, such as Bill Crosby, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jared Leto.

These celebs fell from grace, hard. Here are the celebs people once loved (but no longer do).

Chrissy Teigen

The world used to adore the celeb for being so "real" and always refreshingly hilarious.

But the world's opinion changed once it was unveiled that she sent horrible messages to Courtney Stodden, basically telling her to kill herself at a young age.

Gwyneth Paltrow

"I scrolled for a long time and was surprised not to see her name. Her [expletive] pseudo health/anti-vax information she spreads is terribly incorrect and cringe worthy. It’s sad how many people are actually influenced by it as well." u/whiterice34-

James Corden

People were so enamored with the TV host when he came out with creative skits, such as Carpool Karaoke. But there have been more and more stories about him being rude to his fans and the people who work for him.

Bill Cosby

"Because I grew up with his comedy and The Cosby Show and absolutely loved him. When the accusations against him started to come out I gave him the benefit of the doubt for as long as I could. There was just too much evidence against him. Broke my heart." - u/aksf16


"I once waited for him with my little brother after a show for four hours in the blistering cold, and he just said no. That was pretty [expletive] but I ain't that mad tho, I just don't like being lied to." - u/YounomsayinMawfk

Adam Levine

As the lead singer of Maroon 5 (and the only band member we can name, really), fans have always adored the talented singer.

But he's become the source of controversy recently when his "demeaning" reaction to a fan grabbing him on stage went viral.


"How all her songs were about woman empowerment and irl she's paying Sri Lankan children pennies to make clothes and turning then into millions back home. Could never look at her in a different light after knowing this." - u/Metadeth_

Ellen DeGeneres

Oh, Ellen. She was the face of "Be kind" for decades and stole our hearts with her dances and humor.

But everything went downhill in 2020 when she (and some of her staffers) were accused in a Twitter thread of being mean.


"Guy puts out the same generic music year in, year out…. And his advances on Millie Bobby Brown have me wondering if he’s deliberately obtuse to the optics of the situation." - u/CourierNouveau

Read more about this here.

Jeffree Star

This Redditor used to love the beauty mogul's message about being yourself and ignoring the haters. Then, they found out some of the stuff he's done, such as being racist, and being entitled, and elitist.

Marilyn Manson

"He always seemed like a really chill dude behind the cameras, his concerts were fun to attend and everybody talked about what a nice guy he was. Turns out he'd been abusing his girlfriends for years." - u/deleted

Sharon Osbourne

"I looked up to Sharon Osbourne for being an unflappable business woman, manager extraordinaire who wasn’t afraid to call out Tommy Lee for being abusive to women. Now I read about her behavior and opinions and they can be horrendous." - u/mangokittykisses

Lance Armstrong

This Redditor was inspired to go into oncology as a new nurse after reading his book, It's Not About the Bike.

But her opinion changed after he divorced his wife to date Sheryl Crow and was stripped of his Tour de France titles for steroid use.

Mark Salling

"(Puck from Glee). Admired him a lot for his talent when the show was popular. He pleaded guilty to CP charges, could never support or look at him the same way again." -u/burnafterwritingx

Jackie Chan

"His movies were huge in my childhood, and he was kinda of my idol when I was pre-teen. Now, he wants to be a member of CCP, doesn't believe in freedom, nor human rights..." - u/ChuChuChewbaka

Bam Margera

If you've seen his show, Viva la Bam, you know that Bam was pretty cool back in the day. But he's sadly been embroiled in a lot of personal problems over the year, mainly stemming from alcohol abuse.


The singer has made a remarkable career for herself by writing hit songs for herself and other stars. And all without showing her face!

But then her film, Music came out, which was criticized for hiring a neurotypical actress in the role of an autistic character.

Demi Lovato

"They act like everyone is responsible for their triggers. Taylor Swift isn't fatphobic for drinking diet coke. A Fro-Yo shop isnt fat shaming people for offering diabetic-friendly options. The worst part is that Demi has also supported using detox/skinny teas but then says that these people are promoting eating disorders." - u/BittersweetAndi

Jared Leto

"Used to be a huge 30 Seconds to Mars fan (still love the first 3 albums), and he seemed like a solid guy from the interviews I had seen back in the day.

Over time though I started to realize how pretentious he is. Like he has some Bono-complex, he sees himself like some profound artist who is changing the world." - u/deleted

H/T: Reddit