20 Times The World Gave Us A Pretty Weird Warning About What Was Coming To Us

The world has a real penchant for trying to give us a heads up about what life will have in store for us. However, the world can often try and do this through either incredibly subtle or incredibly blunt ways!

To show off some of the weirdest and most hilarious examples of this phenomenon, here are 20 times the world have us a pretty weird warning about what was coming to us!

"You have been warned."

This is just letting you know that you are now living with someone who is more pedantic than anyone else you have lived with before. I feel a spiritual connection with this person if I am honest.

A Pretty Intense Warning About The Impact That Bees Have On Our Planet!

Bees are pretty bloody marvellous little things, not like wasps those angry useless gits. Also, as someone else pointed out, "No bees, no gees," and who wouldn't want the Bee Gees!

"Is level 5 high or low? I really need to know!"

I feel as though this should be featured in a video-game instead of being in real life. Hopefully all of the commuters brought their rat-smashing sticks with them today, if not then they are in real trouble!

But... What Am I Meant To Be On The Lookout For Exactly?

Maybe they should give people a bit of an indication as to what they need to be aware of when looking out of this death door's little window!

"Just don't..."

You have been told! Whatever it is that you are thinking about doing, just don't do it okay! If you do then there will be some really bad consequences! Sure, no one knows what those consequences are, but they're definitely real!

"Toddler learned how to use the microwave..."

This is the start of a very worrying culinary career for their kid. I dread to think of how badly their house smells after this disaster. Melted plastic is such a uniquely horrific odour.

"Ex cheated. Called off wedding. Day of 'wedding' I was sad. My family surprised me with an Anti-Wedding party."

As much as it sucks that they had to cancel their wedding, this is a sign that they are better off without being married to that asshat!

"Looking back on 2020 I can understand why Pinky has had that worried look on his face all these years.

That was one hell of a bad year for Brain to have shoved Pinky into. No one wants a repeat of that dumpster fire of a year!

"I am the only one in the building today. Someone pranked me and scared me to death."

Well, I would have to start keeping a spare pair of pants in the office if people I worked with started doing this sort of thing!

"Now gimme that, you!"

Yep, this is it. This is the start of the monkey uprising. First off they will start to dress like us and then it will only be a matter of time before they are running the world!

"Drove by an apartment I lived in around 1994 for the nostalgia. Was not expecting whatever is going on here..."

Something tells me that this is just a regular everyday occurrence for the people in this house. I do not think that their life will ever be normal, just a constant farce of chasing cats in and out of second floor windows.

"This strange cat came in talking about wiping out all dogs. Wants us to call him 'Mein Purrher'!"

You need to keep an eye on that cat, there is something inherently untrustworthy about him! Make sure that you don't give him any power either!

How Did No One See The Issue With This Sign?

Jesus Christ people, how did no one see the problem here? All you are doing now is advertising for all of the weirdos in the local area to come down at that specified date and time!

"Someone at my work was cheated on. He brought all of her shoes to work!"

"His red flag should have been more than one pair of leopard print boots," wrote one person. However, as a man with far too many pairs of leopard print boots I take exception to this statement!

Is That A Big Enough Hedge Do You Think?

I think that this is a pretty clear warning that the person who lives in this house does not like sunlight! It wont be long before they have got rickets if nothing else!

The Halloween Special!

Always make sure that you go for the "really deep" option. You can never bury them too deep, but you can bury bodies too shallowly. Don't ask me why I am so sure of that fact, just trust me.

"This was taped to the door of the hotel room next to mine. Good luck, John."

This must have made for one hell of an alarming morning for Johnny. I hope that it didn't stress him out too much as then he may not be able to enjoy his free continental breakfast!

Listen To Your Instincts!

The phrase, "Your fear is way smarter than you," is both incredibly true and a wildly terrifying thing to read. Although, I don't know how people go "cliff jumping" regardless of how scared they are.

"Big props to this guy in Australia who totally ignores his 3yo to wave at the GoogleMaps car!"

I absolutely love this! What a great way to show this kid that your parents will always have their own interests secretly at heart!

"I feel very safe working out somewhere that has these signs plastered on nearly every flat vertical surface."

This person went on to add, "Fairly confident that marker [TBD] was written with was black and it's faded to that orange color from the sun coming in that window during the day. That sign has been there for a while."