Expert Weighs In On How Old Is 'Too Old' To Trick-Or-Treat

I'm a firm believer that there are two types of people in the world; Halloween people, and Christmas people. I am a Christmas person 100% and I just can't wait for November 1st when I rip down all of the Halloween decor and put up the tree.

However, the one part about Halloween I love is handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

I'm a big believer that you're never too old to trick-or-treat.

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Look, who am I to tell someone dressed up at my door that they're "a little too old" for this Halloween tradition? I enjoy seeing people get into the spirit and if it makes them happy, who cares?!

In addition to teens who just love Halloween, some older kids with developmental disabilities also go trick-or-treating. Needless to say, it's best to just leave any comments about age to yourself when you answer the door.

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Etiquette expert Catherine Newman weighed in on the highly debated topic while chatting with TODAY.

"If a 17-year-old wants to dress up with their friends and trade candy at the end of the night, I think that’s great," Catherine told the news outlet.

"Little kids die of happiness when they see big kids dressed up. It validates their excitement."

Catherine believes it's important for older kids to stick to three rules while trick-or-treating:

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  1. Don't dress in anything too scary.

  2. Don't knock on people's doors after 11 PM.

  3. Be polite.

"Really, as long as you say 'please' and 'thank you,' you’re good to go," she added.

"Many kids with developmental disabilities go trick-or-treating," Catherine said. "So you want to resist the urge to make a comment like, ‘Aren’t you a little old?''

I think as long as people are having fun and being polite, there's nothing wrong with trick-or-treating at any age!

h/t: TODAY