Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

Just More Rollercoaster Pictures That Are Making Me Cackle

One of life's greatest joy, for many people, is the excitement of going to an amusement park and getting on a rollercoaster. People love the excitement and thrill of screaming on top of their lungs and feeling their stomachs drop out of their bodies. Some people love rollercoasters so much, that they go on them over and over again.

And, sometimes, the pictures are worth 1,000 words.

Iconic games on iconic rides.

Everyone knows that Super Smash Bros. is an iconic game, no matter how old you are. And, what is a better way to showcase a memorable moment in time than playing it while riding down Splash Mountain? This is epic!

Everyone is scared.

Some people make some funny faces on rollercoasters, others make terrifying ones. This little one knows that there is no greater fear than the fear he has of being on this ride itself.

Someone cue the music.

It's the circle of life, right? This one is a total "Disney" move for someone who loves the Lion King very much. We love the mask, but even more, we love that he got the Simba on the ride with him, too.

Who is more terrified?

The girl in the front seems to be scared until you get to see the person in the back who has the most terrifying face known to mankind. He clearly does not love this drop. Yikes!

Men in Black.

Men in Black is timeless. So, these two wanted to be dapper and serious down the Splash Mountain ride. Except, I bet that dry cleaning bill will be pretty expensive.

Great time for a shave.

What is a better time to shave your face than on a rollercoaster ride on the way down? Hopefully, this guy didn't cut himself and bleed on the way down the waterfall.


What is better, the guy who is eating the sandwich in the front, or the two kids who cannot see over their giant Mickey Mouse ear hats with their dad in the back? Laughing at them both though.

Fight club!

There is so much going on in this photo I don't know where to start. The two boxing on the ride, perhaps. But, there is also someone dressed in full-blown Uncle Sam gear in the back, too. And, someone filming!

Dinner for two.

What better time to have a romantic dinner than on a rollercoaster ride and on the way down, too? They have their table, their plates, and even a butler who is here to serve them both. Yum.

What's up, chicks?

No better time to take your dating profile picture than on the way down of a rollercoaster. Glamour shots, move over. Ask the ride people for a copy so you can put it on Match.com.

Who is the most scared?

This little girl in the back is taking a nap, I think. But, the guy in the bottom right corner seems truly scared and living with his fear as he moves right on down. Those two in the middle? They're just here for the ride literally.

Check mate.

I wonder how they can hold this board with the chess pieces without having them drop off the board at all. Maybe they glued them down? It has to be!

What a proposal!

I hope they bought 100 copies and they keep them forever and ever. This is so sweet and SUCH a surprise. She won't know the entire time until they get off the ride. Wow.

Creepy and weird.

Everyone is having the time of their life and then there's that guy in the back who is just a strange bird. Literally. What even is that? I need to know how it happened and how it worked.

Mom, is that you?

Talk about an old photo. Not only is this a flip phone (so 2000s), but this also is a wonderful time to pick up and ask, "Can you hear me now?" Good.