People Who Have Been In A Coma Are Describing Their Stories

A coma isn't something you should wish on anyone.

While, yes, uninterrupted sleep for once would be nice, people have experienced some weird things.

This includes vivid nightmares, a sense of distorted reality after waking up, and feeling traumatized by their coma decades later.

Others have stated they've met God and dead family members, and one even had a second family.

Keep reading for more of these shocking stories.

Pure panic

Unsplash | Lorna Scubelek

This Redditor described waking up from a coma as "waking up from oblivion." They had no recollection of why they were in an ICU bed and felt pure panic as they tried to pull out tubes and wires.

The nightmare

Unsplash | Pelly Benassi

"It was like the longest scariest dream of my life. I was medically induced by a fentanyl drip for about a week at first and let me tell you, fentanyl is a demon. Whacky dreams about fighting corrupt hospital officials, so my brain new where I was." - u/greenfingers559



This Redditor's friend was in a coma for several days. When he woke up, the only thing he remembered about his life was his social security number. Not his name, family, or anything else.


This Redditor was in a bad coma for two months after a bad car accident. For some reason, they thought they were 60 years old when they woke up and were super was paranoid and didn’t know why they were there.

The post-coma priorities


"My first 'memory' after waking up is opening my laptop in the hospital bed to play minecraft, i have no idea what happened or what i said when I woke up before that." - u/zxminne

The blank space

Unsplash | Andrew Neel

"I was in a very short coma (6 days) after a brain hemorrhage. I recall nothing during the coma. I have a fuzzy understanding of my first week or two after waking up, having pieced it together by the stories I was told." - u/TheImmortalJoel

The distant realm

Unsplash | Johannes Plenio

This Redditor was in a coma for four months when they were five years old. Almost thirty years later, they still have vivid dreams about it and remember visiting another distant realm.

Distorted reality

"I had the craziest most vivid hallucinations and my sense of what is real and what was a hallucination is still kind of fuzzy. I know the totem pole of people smoking a cigar and blowing all of their collective smoke through the hole in the roof wasn't real, that's so crazy it's obvious." - u/lightwithin89

Post-traumatic coma disorder


Although this Redditor wasn't in a coma for long, they still have vivid dreams of them being in one.

"They're almost like an out-of-body experience because I can see myself laying in the bed with people around me."

The long dream

Unsplash | Илья Мельниченко

"I was in one for like 2weeks I would not wish it on anyone. For me I was in a long dream. I did realize I was asleep for a long time. I was still able to feel and hear, which was interpreted into my dream." - u/MaraMarieMadd

The visit from God

"My best friend was in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks and he truly believes he fought the devil in the depths of hell and then had a talk with God on a mountain about it. He says God told him he could never be this weak again." - u/LennerKetty

The slow wake-up

This Redditor's dad was in a coma for two months. Unlike other people who woke up suddenly, their dad had slow progress.

"One eye opened, then a few days later his other eye was half open, then he could wiggle a toe, then he could move his fingers, etc."

The overheard conversations

Unsplash | felipepelaquim

"My father developed an infection and had to be placed in a coma. He has very real PTSD from it and never fully recovered emotionally from being under for 2 weeks. He recalled things he shouldn’t have heard/experienced." - u/sfcfrankcastle

The chicken

"My brother was in a coma for 2 days, says he remembers everything before and after it. His first word when he woke up was chicken. He was 9 when it happened." - u/medfred3

The twin brother

Sadly, this Redditor's twin brother passed away a year before they were in a coma.

The entire time they were in a coma, their twin brother was there, leading them to wonder if those interactions were real or just the result of drugs.

The atrophy

Unsplash | Claudio Schwarz

"I don't remember anything. I remember waking up in rehabilitation confused and weak. I atrophied so badly, I'm 6' 4" and was like 150 pounds when I woke up. I'm now like 210. I also grew two inches." - u/psychfan1

The struggle

"I was put in an induced coma following my first seizure several years ago and when I woke up intubated I apparently became quite difficult ( I remember none of this, only what was told to me after the fact), so they sedated me for another day or two." - u/AnimalDoctor88

The second life

When this man was in a coma, he talked about vivid memories of having a second life. He met a woman and they had kids together. To this day, he still grieves the loss of his coma family.

The peaceful coma

Unsplash | Jacek Smoter

"I was in a medically induced coma for just shy of 7 days. I also remember feeling very peaceful, and calm. It's the feeling that sticks with me when I remember that time, a nice calm serenity." - u/forestskinwalker

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