Brendan Fraser To Be Cast As A Villain In Upcoming DC Movie

As is often the case within the entertainment industry, being a Hollywood star can put an actor in a precarious position.

After all, you can find yourself on a red-hot streak only for it to suddenly vanish without warning and often without a satisfying explanation. But that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.

While actors may have once hoped for Quentin Tarantino's attention when their careers hit a lull, the internet has now empowered the audiences themselves to tell Hollywood who they want to see. And from the looks of it, the internet has spoken and it's decided that the world has sorely missed out by not giving more opportunities to Brendan Fraser.

And although this renewed support was touching enough to bring the actor to tears, it also seems to be doing a lot for his career if recent news is anything to go by.

It's early to say, but the beloved '90s star seems to be on the cusp of a career renaissance.

In addition to a recurring role in the DC TV series Doom Patrol, Fraser is also set to appear in Brothers — starring Peter Dinklage, Josh Brolin, and Glenn Close — as well as Martin's Scorcese's upcoming film for Apple TV+ called Killers Of The Flower Moon.

And according to Deadline, he's also secured a starring role in Darren Aronofsky's next movie, The Whale.

But while that already seems like a busy schedule, a new promising opportunity could be coming Fraser's way in the form of another DC property.

As Deadline reported, he's set to join a movie centered around the iconic Batman protégé Batgirl. Barbara Gordon, the secret identity of the titular hero, will be played by Leslie Grace.

It will be one of the comic giant's first properties to debut exclusively on HBO Max.

At the time of this writing, there's no official confirmation on who exactly Fraser will portray in this movie.

But in a turn that will see the actor play against the type he set as an affable leading man during the '90s, it seems that Fraser will be taking on a villainous role in this one.

And the most likely candidate for Fraser's talents will be the recurring Batman supervillain Firefly.

Since the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline from the 1980s, Firefly has emerged as a serial arsonist enhanced by the flamethrower and winged jet pack we can see here.

If this is indeed who Fraser will be playing, it seems like Batgirl promises to be a dark and gritty affair. In turn, Firefly should be an interesting challenge for him.

h/t: Deadline

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