Man's Patience With Dog That Bit Him Pays Off After She Becomes His Friend

Since so many of us were raised on The Wizard Of Oz, it can be easy to roll our eyes in situations where someone takes legal action against a family because their dog bit them.

But it's worth remembering that when we're not talking about a little nip after playtime gets too uncomfortable, dog bites can cause life-changing injuries that come from seriously harrowing situations.

Even if we understand that a dog responsible for one of these bites isn't malicious and was just operating on instinct, it's hard not to fear them after going through something like that.

And that's what makes one man's story of understanding and friendship incredible and heartwarming all at the same time.

Jorge Jaime lives in Mexico and often spends his days seeking out the stray animals in his city to feed them and show them the love they may otherwise miss out on.

And while many of the cats and dogs he comes across are friendly, the same initially couldn't be said of the one we see here.

That's because when he first tried to feed her, she gave him a pretty nasty bite on his upper arm.

But as Jaime tweeted out, he didn't take her reaction personally.

In his words that were translated from Spanish, "They’re not bad, it’s just that sometimes on the street they have to fight for their lives."

So as described it, he paid her bite with love and persevered, coming back to feed her on a daily basis.

According to Bored Panda, this isn't all he does for the strays he meets as he also brings them blankets, provides a modicum of shelter, and takes them to the veterinarian if needed.

Indeed, he's a caring man and eventually, this became as clear to the dog that bit him as it is to us.

And thus, in the days that followed their initial meeting, she started to see him more as a friend than a potential threat.

As he put it, "These days, when she sees me, she comes running to me and that’s worth more than a bite."

But of course, we don't have to take his word for it. We can see from this short video he tweeted out just how affectionate she is with him now.

We love a happy ending!

h/t: Twitter | @JorgeJa37438463

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