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Turns Out, There Is A 'Right Way' To Make Mashed Potatoes

TikTok is a fantastic place to get recipes, hacks, and tricks for things that are rather "simple." Some recipes seem easy and straightforward, but, in the end, there are better ways to go about things when you are cooking.

Sometimes, social media can be the best place to find some simple recipes and class them up a bit more. Who knew?

Mashed potatoes are one thing we all thought we have down.

Making mashed potatoes seems rather straightforward and easy—you boil potatoes in water and then soften them up, mash them up, add butter, and maybe some milk. But, there seem to be other ways that are "easier" and better.

According to TikTok, there's a better way to make mashed potatoes.

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When you boil the mashed potatoes, there are apparently "better ways" to do so, not boiling them in water. Instead, one TikTok user has shared a new viral video online that is changing the game for everyone when it comes to cooking up mashed.

TikTok user legglauren91 shared that she boils the potatoes in milk, not water.

Instead of allowing the potatoes to boil in water, she uses milk. She allows the potatoes to soak up all of the milk and they will become more fluffy and they will also be more flavorful—according to users who also like this method.

You also don't have to drain.

When you use water, you have to let the potatoes drain because there is too much water in the pot. Plus, you usually put milk in there with the potatoes to make them more fluffy, so this skips a step and also you don't need a strainer.

Next, add some butter and blend.

You can still add butter and also add whatever other seasonings you want—like garlic powder for delicious garlic mashed potatoes. So, it's rather simple and also has you skipping the steps that are annoying to do—like, draining the mashed potatoes.

The end product is amazing.

The end product looks amazing and super creamy. To be honest, if my mashed potatoes came out this way, I would love it and so would my whole family. I guess it's time to do away from the water and make room for the milk.

However, if you are "dairy free" I'm sure there are alternatives.

If you are someone who does not drink milk due to lactose intolerance, you can most likely substitute the milk for whatever kind of milk you choose to use at home, like cashew milk, oat milk, or almond milk.

Many had questions.

Many people had questions about milk burning. They also asked if the TikTok user had added water to the mashed potatoes at all. Turns out, she cooked them "very slowly" so the milk did not burn and that she did not add any water to this.

Others thought the milk would sour.

Many were curious if boiling the milk like that would make the milk sour. But, the TikTok user pointed out that you use milk to cook a lot of things in recipes, and it doesn't sour usually.

Others suggested cooking in chicken broth instead.

Many other people online said using chicken broth is a better way to have it done because of the way the flavor turns out. Also, you don't need to have milk and instead, just use butter. Can't forget those spices!

Others agreed.

Many others agreed with the notion that using chicken broth is better than both milk and water. Chicken broth gives the mashed potatoes flavor and also, is thicker than water.

We're into trying all of the different types of mashed potatoes!