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Ricky Gervais Can’t Wait To See Today’s Youth Be 'Cancelled' By Next Generation

Ricky Gervais has never been vague about his thoughts on "cancel culture" and has often been an outspoken critic of the phenomenon as a whole.

Gervais recently claimed that he hopes to live long enough to see today's younger generations get cancelled by the generation that follows them.

Gervais discussed his thoughts about the future, and much more, in a recent podcast series with Sam Harris.

Gervais co-hosts the podcast Absolutely Mental alongside neuroscientist Sam Harris — during which, according to Gervais, they discus, "Mental health, free will, evolution, religion, morality, death, and the pursuit of happiness."

One of the main things that Gervais expects from the future is that today's "woke" individuals will no longer be "woke enough" for the generations that follow.

"I wanna live long enough to see the younger generation not be woke enough for the next generation," Gervais said.

The comedian and After Life creator then went on to suggest that it is naive of todays' youth to think that such a turn will not occur in society:

"It's going to happen. Don't they realise that, it's like, they're next. That's what's funny," he told Harris.

According to Gervais, "There's only so woke and liberal [a person] can get."

"There's only so woke and liberal you can get and then you start going the other way. [It's] inevitable," Gervais continued.

Previously, Gervais was also quoted as saying that he thought the UK Office would have been cancelled if it had been made nowadays. However, he later tweeted that his comments were just a joke.

While talking with Harris, Gervais also commented on "virtue signalling."

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In response to Harris' assertion that there will always be someone "further left" who will be there to judge others, Gervais explained:

"Virtue signalling is literally people saying 'If I'm picking on you for this minutia, think how good I must be, think how good I am if I care about these things that don't matter'."

Although, for the moment, despite his frequent discussion of the topic, it doesn't seem as though Gervais is at any risk of being "cancelled" any time soon.

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