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Hotel Guest Finds Apparent Secret Tunnel Under Their Room

When staying at a hotel, people love to check everything from top to bottom. Sometimes, there can be some weird things that are left behind, or even weirder things that happen to bet here in the first place. Many who stay in hotels and motels are not 100% comfortable until they can check everything out, especially before going to sleep there for the night.

As we all know, hotels and motels can be used for more than vacations.

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If you've ever seen a movie created, well, ever, there are so many times where people use hotels and motels for storing illegal things or for hiding out from people when committing crimes. So, having some weird stuff in a hotel room isn't so farfetched.

Some things uncovered in hotels can leave a bad taste in our mouths.

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From stained carpets and floors to things completely off in the bathroom, there are some discoveries that creep us out, make us feel grossed out, and oftentimes make us want to check out before we even spend the night there.

Recently, one TikTok user uncovered a secret space in her motel room and it's less than appealing.

TikTok user @addisoncassel shared that she was staying at a hotel and underneath, she noticed there was a cut out in the floor. Looking at the video, one can see the carpet was not totally aligned clean, there was a piece cut out and replaced.

The TikTok user and her grandmother opened it up.

Apparently, there were two layers over the space and she needed an extra hand. So, her grandmother helped her to open the bottom to see what was behind the double layer of the carpet. Clearly, something the hotel was trying to hide.

At first, she thought there was a "room under her room."

Upon opening the "secret hiding space," the TikTok user saw that there was a whole space under the bed that was hidden and covered up. She said there was a "room under her room," even though it was a "one-story motel."

In a later video, the TikTok user shared footage of inside the space.

Seeing all the cobwebs and dust, it's clear no one has been in this space or opened it up in quite some time. However, it seems ridiculously creepy and just big enough for someone to lay in? Something tells me this is bad.

Many had ideas about what the space was for.

In another video, the TikTok user shared that commenters were telling her that it could possibly be a crawl space, while others told her to alert the hotel staff in case someone made this without their knowledge.

Some people had other ideas.

One person said that due to watching crime TV, they know that some people have used these kinds of crawl spaces to stalk people. One person said a stalker stayed under there "for months" to videotape the person. Insane.

Others said that it could be a historical thing.

Another person shared that in the times in which people were using the Underground Railroad to escape from slavery in the south, many people would hide just about anywhere they could. One person said that in their hometown, they had a lot of things like this.

Another said the east coast also has these, too.

Another chimed in that the crawl spaces were historical things and shared that along the east coast, they were used immensely by people—most likely for the underground railroad as they were going up north. Seriously, it's crazy to see things like this still around.

Whether it's a creepy thing or a historical thing, it's definitely strange.

Regardless of the reason, I'm not entirely sure I would feel 100% comfortable with a crawl space or a "spare room" under my hotel bed. Even if no one has the hotel key, I don't think I want to even fathom someone being under there, or even the ability to be under there.