People Who Are Apparently Related To Celebs Spill What They're Really Like

When we see our favorite actors and celebrities on TV and in movies, a part of us wants to believe that's exactly how they are in real life.

However, this often just isn't the case. Have a look below as people who are apparently related to celebrities spill the tea on what they're really like off-camera.

Ryan Reynolds is a stand up guy.

"My sister's best friend is Ryan Reynolds' niece. She went to the wedding with Blake Lively. Ryan came to our school one time, A+ guy and he is still close to his family." - Reddit u/VancouverMongrel

Lucy Lawless doesn't get a big head over fame.

"Back in NZ when her show was going on some little girls would come up and want to take pics. She's the[sic] one of the nicest people to talk to and never acts like a celebrity." - Reddit u/KnuckleCurve01

Peter Weller is a true gem of a person.

Reddit user RonJohnsSurfShop claims to be the nephew of Peter Weller, better known as Robocop. He says that Peter has countless stories about all the famous people he's met over the years and is especially close with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Matthew McConaughey still owes his cousin a car.

"Matt McConaughey is my 2nd cousin. He acts normal with us but the [expletive] has yet to deliver me a Buick for the bully I beat up for him 38 years ago... Though he does always bring the best booze to the parties." - Reddit u/drycheck

Steve Smith aka Red Green is a hoot at parties.

Reddit user snakelord is the nephew of the iconic comedian Steve Smith, better known to the world as Red Green. Steve is always the life of the party during family events and is apparently one of the kindest people to talk to.

Sinbad makes sure to see his family at least once a year.

Reddit user WhatIsThisAccountFor is related to the comedian Sinbad through marriage. They said that Sinbad is incredibly family-oriented and takes everyone on vacation at least once a year.

Jason Rubin (creator of Crash Bandicoot) has a very loving wife.

"My husband is Jason Rubin creator of the video game Crash Bandicoot and the company Naughty Dog. I'm very proud of him he is a very kind person and also the smartest human I've ever met, also very funny." - Reddit u/dogmommy3

Dwayne Johnson is no jabroni when it comes to entertaining at family events.

A Reddit user who goes by the handle KickWhamStunner claims to be a relative of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. He jokes that he's regularly smelling what Dwayne is cooking.

Hugh Laurie is incredibly down to earth.

"My uncle is Hugh Laurie and at family events[sic] you wouldn't know he's famous, my dad still abuses him (as a joke) the same as they did when kids. I forget he's famous until I have lunch with him in public." - Reddit u/HaroldTheDuck

Megan Fox is a little high on herself.

This Reddit user says that their cousin is none other than Megan Fox. Roughly 12 years ago during Christmas, Megan apparently showed up with a stack of her own headshots and autographed them for the family to take to their friends.

Viggo Mortensen is the kind of guy you'd want to have a beer with.

"My wife is childhood friends with [sic] family of Viggo Mortensen. She got to hang out with him after he shot Lord of the Rings but before it was released. Said he was a very cool guy, extremely laid back, and fun to have a beer with." - Reddit u/spacemanspiff30

"I have two Aunts on *The Real Housewives*. Were always gaudy and trashy before, still gaudy and trashy now." - Reddit u/brobernietfm

OK, but which Housewives series are you talking about here? Surely, it can't be any of the ladies from RHOBH. I'm Team Rinna all the way.

Keanu never comes to the family reunion.

"We have a Reeve's Ohana gathering every year in Hawaii and he never comes. Which I don't blame him at all, his dad was not a good father so I assume, besides being a busy actor, he doesn't come because that burned the bridges with our family." - Reddit u/Aeksel

JK Rowling will talk to literally anyone about Harry Potter.

Redditor jack_hughez claims to be a close relation to the author of the iconic "Harry Potter" series, J.K. Rowling. When she's out in public, J.K. is incredibly kind and patient with fans and will always chew the fat with a fellow Potterhead.

Fame has allegedly soured Will's relationship with certain family members.

"Late to this but my friend's uncle is Will Smith," writes Reddit user chrisphan1308. "Apparently[sic] he doesn't really speak to much of his family anymore because they're always asking for money and whatnot."

h/t: Reddit