Rob Lowe Recreates Heartthrob Photoshoot 36 Years Later: 'Who Wore It Better'

When times are hard, it's easy to long for the past. It might be because of nostalgia, or it might be because everything was significantly better when I was growing up. Seriously though, does anything beat the '80s? Sure, the fashion and eye makeup was over the top — but have you seen what the kids these days wear? It's hardly an improvement.

Now, Rob Lowe is reminding us of our glory days with a hilarious recreated photoshoot.

Rob Lowe is living proof that age is just a number.

I swear the 57-year-old has barely aged a day since the '80s. Not only was he my favorite member of the Rat Pack, but his cameo in Wayne's World is the reason I've watched that film over 50 times.

I can't help it — I'm a Rob fan through and through! I'm only human, after all.

Now, Rob is making us swoon the same way he did nearly 40 years ago by recreating a poster shoot from 1985.

I know right? Christmas did come early!

Sharing the pictures side by side, the actor wrote: "911: Lonestar 2021 vs Youngblood 1985 Who wore it better?"

Is it crazy to say I really don't know which picture I enjoy more?

To be fair, there is nothing like a finely aged man!

Not letting his father's head get too big, Rob's son Johnny teased the actor in the comments section.

"Neither of you wore it better," the 26-year-old wrote. "There’s no better here."

Am I the only one that's super impressed with how well Rob's maintained his body?

Speaking with Business Insider earlier this year, the 57-year-old said: "Everyone comes to the point sooner or later where you realize you can't eat like you're in college anymore."

"I hadn't realized it was a thing, but it changed my life," he added.

Well, whatever Rob is doing it's working, but I don't know many people in their 50's who look better in a pic they took when they were a teen!

Way to go, Rob!