Man Angers GF After Walking Out On Her Parents For Their Homophobic Comments

When people enter the dating world, they'll tend to approach the myriad of possibilities out there with the understanding that some things just inherently get in the way of compatibility.

These are known as deal breakers and while they vary from person to person, they're often used to weed out people someone considers hateful just as much as people they simply wouldn't get along with.

And while these deal breakers usually present themselves early on, it's also true that they can sometimes stay hidden until a relationship is already underway.

That appears to be what happened in the case of one young man. And although it's unclear whether his relationship will continue, he's sent a clear message as to what he's not willing to tolerate.

When the young man we'll soon be hearing from was about six years old, his parents died in a car accident.

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As the now 19-year-old man explained in a Reddit post, this meant that he was raised by his brother and his partner (now husband), who were in their 20s at the time.

In the man's words, "They were the best dads I could ever have and they always did their best to take care of me."

And when he started dating a woman code-named Sara two months ago, he didn't anticipate any real drama coming down the line.

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After all, she has known the men who raised him for some time now and has gotten along well with them.

However, she was also hesitant to introduce the man to her own parents until fairly recently and he soon learned why.

This came up when she said she didn't want him to tell her parents about his brother's husband, but ended up passing that information on herself when he said he didn't want to lie about him.

And while the dinner the man had with these parents began cordially enough, it eventually became clear as to why Sara wanted this to be such a big secret.

As he put it, "They started saying things like 'how nice of a young man I was despite the short comings of my home life' or that 'life couldn't have been easy living with my perverted brother and his 'friend' and that they were glad I didn't pick up any 'bad habits.'"

Naturally, this wasn't anywhere near as complimentary as it likely sounded in their heads.

In the man's words, "After they started in I just saw red and I slammed a 40 dollars on the table [...] and just walked out and left."

While his response may not have come as a surprise to many of us, Sara was nonetheless angry with him when she called him multiple times the following day.

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She said that she had warned him that her parents wouldn't like hearing about the brother's husband, but also said that he had overreacted and was rude for leaving.

And while his brother and brother-in-law certainly appreciated what he did, they seemed to agree that he could've handled the situation better.

But while the Reddit community he reached out to admired the brother's gracious response, they couldn't agree that the man was in the wrong.

They also felt that this story didn't exactly make Sara look good either.

As one user said, "Sara has accepted, made excuses for, and outright defended her parent’s bigotry. Sara should be ashamed. You were beyond respectful to people who showed no respect you and your family."

Another person echoed this response, saying, "They raised you properly. I am a little overwhelmed at the grace they showed with their follow up comment. I wish I could take you all out for a steak dinner. I second the might be time to find a new girlfriend comment."

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