30 Times The Universe Ruined People's Days For The Fun Of It

As much as we try to avoid them, bad days are kind of inevitable. Sometimes, someone you know (or even someone you don't know) is gonna do something to inconvenience you in the worst way.

Other times, though, it just seems like the universe has it out for you. Like in these pictures. There was no reason for these things to happen other than the fact that the universe is a fickle thing.

"My microwave caught on fire."

This could've been a whole lot worse. Granted, it could've been better, but at least most of that kitchen is still in one piece.

Don't you just love it when your microwave decides to catch on fire, though? Nothing like property damage to spice up your life.

"Just pulled my contacts out - guess this is why my vision was wonky all day."

I can't imagine that's comfortable. But, how would you be able to put a contact in without noticing the extra one in there? I didn't even know it was possible to have more than one in your eye at once.

"Friend had a lawn service accidentally spray their entire lawn with grass killer. The kicker: they came back for a second application."

Yeah, that really sucks. This service did the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do. At least it wasn't on purpose, though.

It looks like the universe really had it out for this person's front lawn.

"I lost the syringe thingy inside my medicine bottle."

Not only is this incredibly sad, it's also incredibly inconvenient. Now, this person is gonna have to dump the contents of the bottle in some other container to get the dropper out. What a real pain!

"When the handlebar is too much to handle."

I feel like the universe saw this person wake up and go about their day and decided, "no, they don't get to ride their bike today." I'd probably take it as a sign to not leave my house if I were them.

"I can't believe I call myself an adult. Rule 1: don't put random things, especially random plastic things, on a stovetop!"

Yeah, that's probably a good rule to live by. Because no matter how careful you are, those burners are going to find a way to turn themselves on and melt whatever plastic things you put on there (or worse!).

"I guess my cat doesn't like earbuds."

Sometimes, I think the universe gave us cats just to mess with us. As cute as our feline companions are, they're also evil. And they destroy things for no reason. So do dogs, but at least you can train a dog to not do that.

"Saved seeing the best part of Cusco, Peru for our last day there only to find the entire downtown shut down for the filming of the next freaking TRANSFORMERS MOVIE."

I was today years old when I learned that they were making a new Transformers movie. Oh well, hopefully they'll wrap up filming soon. Too bad about this person's trip, though.

"So what..? Nowadays cows don't wear leather anymore?"

Apparently, they really don't make things like they used to anymore. Who would've thought that a simple leather belt couldn't even stand the test of time anymore. Oh universe, why do you test us like this!?

"My mother's birthday cake didn't survive the car ride."

This is definitely my worst nightmare. Luckily, the universe doesn't hate me enough to do this. Unfortunately for this person, though, the universe didn't seem to be in a good mood during this car ride.

Hopefully mom doesn't mind a squished cake.

"Forgot to bring lunch at work, decided to get a packet of crisps from the vending machine..."

I think the universe has a thing for vending machines. They always seem to break down, or trap chip bags when you want a snack. And the worst part about it is that there's pretty much nothing you can do about it.

"This happened in my mom's room at 3 in the morning."

On the plus side, it looks like no one got hurt. But still... how does this even happen? Why does this even happen? Is this the universe's idea of a sick joke?

I definitely won't be sleeping soundly tonight after looking at this...

"Turns out this Tupperware isn't water tight. Had a couple sandwiches in the bottom of a cooler with ice. And I was worried about the pickles making my sandwich soggy."

Not only is this super upsetting, it's also kind of gross to look at. All I can say is that I'm glad this isn't what my lunch looks like.

"Just found a lug nut in my fruit bar."

There are definitely worse things to find in a popsicle. At least this lug nut is big enough to catch before this person started chowing down.

I'd probably be throwing the whole box away though. Just in case there are more in there.

"I left the ibuprofen I had brought for a toothache in the car..."

And I'm guessing the car was hot, too. Hot car + ibuprofen always equals a useless mess.

And of course, you never realize that you forgot something important in the car until it's too late. It happens every single time.

"Left my car sitting at work for a little over a month. Went to go pick it up today and the interior is covered in mold."

I don't know what you have to do to get mold all over your car, but I'll be sure to add that on the list of things to avoid from now on. Seriously, who knew that something like this could happen?

"Walked through a fly strip this morning.. Spent an hour shampooing glue and fly guts out of my hair."

I'm pretty sure we can all relate to the awful feeling emanating from this picture. Even if you don't have long hair, or even hair at all. This is just... oh man, this just really sucks.

"A matted knotted hairball i had to cut out of my hair after three hours of trying to untangle my whole head."

Just looking at this made my scalp hurt. Getting a couple of small knots in your hair is bad enough, but this is on a whole other level. It's like the universe is saying you're not allowed to have hair anymore.

"I didn’t know this was possible."

Not only is it possible, but it's also awful. There's no reason for this to happen. And yet.

Seriously, if you thought you were having a bad day, at least your car door handle is probably still intact.

"The $120 keyboard that I got 20 minutes ago."

I really hope that the key can just pop back on. Still, that's a really annoying thing to have happen to a brand new, super expensive computer keyboard. It's way too pretty to be missing keys, too. Seriously, how aggravating.

"Borrowed my neighbor's truck he never drives to haul some stuff. Wanted to be nice and bring it back filled up since it was almost empty when I got it."

Maybe they should try and modify the engine so that this truck runs on crushed-up wasps instead?

"It's not just junk flying out of your truck. It could be someone's life. Secure your load as if someone you love is driving behind you."

That reminds me, it has been a long time since I watched all of the Final Destination films through from start to finish.

"The secret ingredient in this eggnog is 'store-bought eggnog.'"

I mean, there is no doubting that having a carton of store-bought eggnog will ensure that making your own eggnog is much, much easier! It's perfect for those who like extra eggnog in their eggnog as well.

"The town my school is in has contaminated water so now no one can use the fountains. Thankfully the school is offering water bottles."

It might be time for this school to invest in some water filters! I don't think I'd be drinking from these taps until they did.

"I suddenly discovered a 5' deep sinkhole in my backyard."

I thought that finding that a hedgehog had pooped in my yard was a bad discovery, but finding a massive hole in your garden would probably be a little more alarming.

"My cat decided to piss on my new Switch, instead of literally anywhere else."

I think that the main problem here was leaving an alluring rectangle on the floor while you have cats walking around. Who needs a litter-box when you can buy yourself a Switch?!

"And now my bedroom smells like a night club."

One beleaguered individual added, "I need to leave my hometown. When you say smells like a night club i expect a can dropped into an ashtray and both knocked on the floor."

"Here I am presenting my first potato harvest from our balcony garden."

They might be able to make a tiny plate of chips for some field mice with this? Or maybe the mice would prefer a tiny plate of mashed potato instead?

"Trying to enjoy my shower at this Airbnb."

You can see the look of disappointment on his face. It always amazes me how some places manage to build tiny showers, it is as though certain plumbers have no idea how tall the average person is.

"He is going to be a handful it seems."

At least this cat is signposting how many nuisance situations it is going to get itself into nice and early on. This person really managed to pick one hell of a crazy cat.

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