Sweet DIY Uses Pool Noodles To Turn Your Home Into Candyland

You know what your yard needs? Lollipops.

If you're a member of the Lollipop Guild (yes, that's a Wizard Of Oz reference), you'll definitely want to see how people have been turning the ever-versatile pool noodle into sweet treats for their yards! From Christmas decor to party decor, lollipop sticks make for the perfect DIY to brag about to your friends.

How cute are these?

These are pool noodle lollipops in all their glory! Made out of foam pool noodles and duct tape, these pool noodles are a DIY decoration that's low on effort, but high on impact.

They're the perfect Christmas decoration.

I mean, come on. Tell me that winter wonderland doesn't look magical af!

You'd never know those lollipops are made out of pool noodles — they look like they were bought at the store!

Some people dress them up, too!

Sure, you can make your lollipop and leave it as-is...or you could grab some cello wrap and ribbon and really make it look like your lollipops are fresh out of the box.

People use them as photoshoot props, too.

Thank you for allowing me to show you these two very good dogs. They look majestic standing next to their adorable lollipop props, don't they? Those matching collars really bring the whole picture together.

Now, I know what you're thinking: are these just for Christmas?

Hell to the no! These Halloween lollipops are the perfect yard decoration to welcome trick-or-treater to your home. They say, "This home has candy, but it just might be haunted."

Now THIS is Halloween.

There's something SO spooky and so Halloween about a green/purple combo, don't you think? I like the different lollipop heights this yard has. It adds a good visual variety to things!

What about other holidays?

Great news, they're absolutely perfect for Easter, too! Look at that Easter bunny hanging out with all of those lollipops. I love the pastel colors here — so Easter and so fun!

So, how do you make one?

I got you. YouTuber Auntie Coo Coo put together a short tutorial explaining how to use hot glue to make these cute treats! For extra strength, stick a bamboo skewer through the whole thing to hold it together.

What do you think?

With a DIY this easy and this fun, would you consider trying it out for your yard? Or are you more of a buy it at the store type of decorator? Let me know!