Doctor Warns Against Bizarre And Dangerous "Scalp-Popping" Trend

There are some people who use the internet to share delightful hacks which can make our daily life more entertaining or generally easier — and then there are the people who share "Scalp-Popping" videos.

A bizarre "health" trend which has recently saw a revival across TikTok, scalp-popping is something that doctors suggest you may want to though the name "scalp-popping" wasn't enough to put you off it in the first place!

As the name suggests, scalp-popping involves making a popping sound with your scalp.

Many videos across TikTok showcase people pulling at large clumps of their hair so hard that a loud, thudding "pop" sound can be heard from the scalp.

However, the trend is so dangerous that many doctors and platforms have warned against the trend.

The trend actually involves pulling the scalp away from your skull to create the sound.

Detroit-based plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn, recently took to TikTok to explain how scalp-popping works and why it is so dangerous. He explained:

"[Scalp-popping] is when pull the hair so hard you pop the galea off of the skull [so] that you create [a] popping sound."

Engaging in scalp-popping can result in serious bleeding under the scalp and much more, Dr Youn went on to say.

"Please don't do this! It can tear the inside of the scalp, which can bleed a ton on the inside. Think Boxer or MMA fighter with scalp hematoma," Dr Youn went on to comment.

Some TikTok users have claimed that scalp-popping has helped them alleviate stress, but you should definitely not try this at home.

TikTok have even put out a statement warning against the trend.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

"Performance, imitation, or encouragement of dangerous amateur stunts and risky behavior that can lead to serious injury or death is not permitted on TikTok," the company stated in relation to scalp-popping.

Many users also found that trying scalp-popping was painful.

Some of the comments regarding scalp-popping included:

"I tried it. It hurts a lot and it doesn't work."

"I had this done to me as a child and it hurt."

And one individual also wrote: "My mom [has been] doing this to me whenever I get headaches since childhood.

Please do not try this at home, although I don't know why anyone would want to!

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