20 Pics That Serve Their Cringe With Ice And A Slice Of Lime

Not everyone can enjoy viewing cringey stuff. Some might feel sympathy for those involved, or just feel too uncomfortable to keep watching.

But if you do enjoy cringe, we've got quite the buffet of cringeworthy content for you. Sit back and enjoy.

"My friend sent me this section of a newspaper..."

Reddit | JamesTDG

I don't know about you guys, but something tells me the major concern here shouldn't be the sound of jackhammers... But hey! What do I know?

"Wait for it..."

This guy said 'wait for it.'

We're waiting. He's waiting. Everyone's waiting. Somehow, I think we'll remain waiting for him to get his desired response. At least he shot his shot, even if it was ultimately very cringey.

"I understand the need for this (I really really do) but this sucks so much."

Reddit | kevinowdziej

If there's anything the pandemic has done for us, it's forcing everybody to learn how to use a computer, even if they're really too young to do so.

"He left his flash on."

Reddit | [deleted]

I can usually deal with a large volume of cringey content, but even I'm having trouble with this one. I think it's the looks on their faces that does it for me. You can just feel the cringe.

"Joe Exotic’s limo waiting for him outside the prison in anticipation of the presidential pardon."

Reddit | ilike_cutetoes

I didn't follow the latest developments in the messy aftermath of the Tiger King saga, but I'm assuming Joe Exotic got his pardon and is out of prison. Right?

"Mia Farrow wishes her adopted black daughter happy birthday on Twitter, googles 'Mia Farrow and her black children' to find a picture of her to post."

Reddit | brodakmoment

Mia Farrow tried, she really did, but the Google image search on this photo is just too much.

"I guess he forgot to switch accounts."

Reddit | lowtire

I love when something like this happens. This guy couldn't make his point on behalf of a group he isn't part of, so he just fudged it. Hopefully he deleted his account after this.

"Haha thanks mom."

Reddit | WhiteWolfJon

She can play this off as an innocent mistake, but somehow I think she knew exactly what she was doing with this one. This photo and caption will follow her son around for the rest of his life.

"What does Nestle want to tell us?"

Reddit | heretolearn20

There are two facts we need to unpack here: chocolate is good, and slavery is bad. Sometimes, unfortunately, these two truths run up against one another. At least Nestle apparently has our best interests in mind.

"16-year-old me on the far left at a birthday party I wasn’t invited to ."

I was never this cringey as a 16-year-old, but I wasn't that far off, either, so this photo resonates with me. Props to this guy for being able to laugh it off years later.

"This is my one of my favorite jokes!"

Reddit | Decent_Tip_8989

What's the second part? Who's in this second group of people, and how are they characterized? I must know! I can't rest until I have an answer!

...oh. Turns out the joke was one me.

"Came home to a newly laid concrete driveway. I did not order a concrete driveway nor any other type of driveway. When the person that laid it came back to see if I was happy with the job, he realised it was the wrong address. I now have a free concrete driveway."

Reddit | purple-circle

Good for this guy for getting a free driveway, and pour one out for the guy who installed it.

"Woah what observation."

Reddit | d3333p7

When I turn my phone over, it goes into do not disturb mode. It symbolizes a break from staring at a screen. And seriously, if you have something to hide, you probably won't have your phone out on the table.

"A classic."

Reddit | [deleted]

You know the saying, "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"?

I don't know if this photo quite fits the theme, but it feels like it does, just a little bit. Actually, scratch that. It's even more sad. Hopefully he's doing better these days.

"How to break the ice with the girl in lecture."

Reddit | Abe21599

Dating in college is tough: we all want to do it, but sometimes striking up a conversation is easier said than done. This guy made his move, but I think he'll need to learn a different move.

"These Iraqi workers gave back 30,000 US $ they found, and they were rewarded with 1 copy of the Quran."

Reddit | Kaiji700m

This is kind of like when you're a server at a restaurant and provide great service, but your customer just writes, "Smile more," in the tip box.

"No words."

Reddit | CharyBrown

We're not here to get political. Everyone is free to vote however they choose. That doesn't change the objective fact that the president lives in the White House, nor does it change the fact that the White House is not the Lincoln Memorial.

"Whoever runs that station is dumb."

Reddit | Hahhpoo

I like how the subway authority answered the question. Points for honesty, but acknowledging that you're inconveniencing people just because you don't like homeless folks isn't exactly the best look. They probably should have ignored this tweet.

"Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Leon...."

Reddit | Tattoosnscars

I wonder if anyone ordered these same letters, spelled out LONE, and wondered why they didn't say Noel. Ah well, I'm sure this generous offer is going to make a Leon somewhere very happy indeed.

"My school used Ellen as a good figure to talk about how bullying affects people."

Reddit | bruhbaby1-1

Ellen's image has changed, well, a lot in the last year or two. I guess whoever organized this particular school assembly never got the memo.

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