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Family Builds Giant Zombie Shark Display Named 'Bitey' For Food Bank Donations

Halloween is a great time of year for over-the-top lawn displays.

One such display in Canada is making headlines, not just for its impressively freaky appearance, but for the good it's doing for the community.

It's time we all met Bitey the zombie shark.

Halloween displays are nothing new.

Unsplash | David Menidrey

Whether you opt for a full-on light show, cardboard tombstones around the yard with cobwebs in a tree, or just a simple jack o'lantern, most neighborhoods have at least a few Halloween displays worth checking out.

A Canadian family went with a shark theme.

Unsplash | Gerald Schömbs

Sharks aren't typically associated with Halloween, but they're scary enough to make the crossover.

The Appleby family all pitched in this Halloween to build something completely unique: a massive, 25-foot-long zombified shark to sit on their lawn during the spooky season.

Here's a progress pic.

Facebook | Sarah Appleby

It doesn't look like much right here, but you can still see its form taking shape. Trust me, the finished result is impressive indeed.

"We like the idea of scale, because it really gets people's attention," Sarah Appleby said. "It really gets people's attention, so we thought if we're going to do something, we're going to go big."

It's made mostly of plywood.

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The 25-foot-long size doesn't come from nowhere: it's actually the size of an average female great white shark.

It took the family around a month to build it, which means they had to start construction back in early September.

Here it is.

Facebook | Sarah Appleby

With the paint and other effects, the shark looks pretty ferocious, even in broad daylight. On Halloween night, the family plans on using lights and fog to make the display that much more atmospheric. I'm sure there will be videos on YouTube.

It's all for a really good cause.

Facebook | Sarah Appleby

The Applebys are strong supporters of the local food bank, so they're asking those in the area to drop off food. Then, the day after Halloween, they'll take the haul to the local food bank.

It's a fun way to do some good.

Facebook | Sarah Appleby

"My heart goes out to people who are struggling with food costs rising and things being hard with work," Appleby explained.

"With the foot traffic we've had in previous years, I'd be silly to turn down this kind of opportunity."

What are you doing this spooky season?

If you're in the vicinity of London, Ontario, Canada, you can certainly view the Applebys' zombie shark. If you're not, hopefully there are some decent lawn displays in your neck of the woods.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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