Man Aggressively Confronts Stranger Over Shirtless Workout In Bizarre Video

While there are many reasons why someone's behavior can capture the internet's attention, it seems that the fastest way is to wind up on camera confronting somebody else.

The internet runs on drama, after all. But while it can be satisfying to watch someone put a creepy or mean person in their place, a lot of these confrontations begin under circumstances that so many of us will find sadly relatable.

After all, most of us can remember a time when we were minding our own business only for some stranger to raise a whole stink about how little they approve of what they're doing. And no, it doesn't seem to matter whether our actions actually affected them or not.

But even if their reasons for bothering us were flimsy, many of us can at least say our surprise enemies gave us one. Not so for the man in the video we're about to see, who was just as confused when his encounter ended as when it started.

Be advised that the video featured in this article contains explicit language

On October 5, A fitness TikToker who goes by Nick Nush was filming a video from the gym.

Because this detail will apparently matter a great deal as the video progresses, his shirt is off so he can show his viewers what his back is doing as he quietly works out.

Before long, another man can be seen standing in the background and filming Nush.

Naturally, this made Nush wonder why he was doing this and he removed his headphones.

Yet strangely enough, the man filming him was the first one to ask, "What are you doing, man?"

As you can see here, this only raises further questions for Nush, but the man soon reveals what his problem is by asking, "Getting a shirtless workout in?"

Nush replied that he was, which the man apparently thought was self-evidently weird enough that he dropped an ableist slur.

Although Nush explained what he was doing, this didn't sway the man, nor did he appreciate it when Nush points out that he was actually being the weird one by recording him.

Instead, he cursed out Nush some more before calling him a homophobic slur.

While their confrontation appeared to end halfway through the video, Nush said the man continued to film him and flip him off.

In an added commentary track, he said, "So I don't even know this dude and I am confused as hell of what's going on 'cause I don't understand why he's cursing me out and stuff."

Faced with this, Nush decided to say, "What, you mad an 18-year-old's bigger than you?"

As we can see in the video here, this prompts the man to throw his water bottle down and get in Nush's face.

However, Nush didn't seem to get anywhere when he asked the man what his problem was.

Based on the man's final threats, he seemed to hope that Nush would get angry enough to fight him. When he just shook his head instead, the man finally walked away.

It remains unclear whether this bizarre encounter was motivated by jealousy or something else going on that day, but Nush definitely came off as the mature one when all was said and done.

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