McDonald’s Worker Leaves People Cringing After Explaining Drive-Thru Secret

Ah the McDonald's drive thru, a small bastion in which all manner of people can take refuge. The feeder of the weary, the feeder of the drunk, the feeder of the hungover, and the feeder of just anyone who is craving a nugget.

However, if you're heading through the McDonald's drive thru, one TikToker has some information that you may want to bear in mind in future!

It turns out that McDonald's workers can hear much more than your order!

One TikToker who goes by the name @secretfitzz posted a video while she was taking orders at a McDonald's drive thru.

While looking shocked into the camera, she wrote, "The fact that people don't know we can hear your convos even when we aren't speaking to you taking your order."

It was also revealed that they have a camera which takes a picture of each customer.

The information came as quite the shock to a lot of people, myself included, who have been under the assumption that they were not listening prior to taking my order...or after taking it for that matter!

People were quick to get pretty heated about the knowledge bomb in the comments.

"How can you hear our convos when you don't hardly hear the order," wrote one sassy individual.

Another person added, "My bf always goes HELLO HELLO HELLO?!?!?! If there's no response immediately. And I'm like shhhhh."

She also claimed that they make people who shout "Hello" wait longer.

Unsplash | Eduardo Soares

"If you shout hello at us we will purposely make you wait longer and start bitching about you to whoever is on shift w us," @secretfitzz wrote to one individual.

Apparently, fast food workers can hear some pretty weird conversations.

An Ask Reddit thread titled: "Fast food workers of Reddit, [what] are some funny things you've heard?" yielded such responses as:

"Heard a woman having phone sex with her boyfriend."

But also some quite sweet replies too:

"I'm pretty enthusiastic and bubbly at work so one time when I asked, 'Hi there what can I get for ya?' And the driver started ordering, I hear this little kid from somewhere in the car go, 'She has a sparkly voice.' Made my day."

So, think on next time you're in the drive thru.

It seems that everyone should take the advice of the one TikTok user who commented, "That's why I always put my window up after the order."

Let us know if you have had any embarrassing conversations that you hope the drive thru worker didn't hear!

h/t: LadBible & Reddit

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