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People Are Sharing What 'Untruths' They Tell Themselves To Get Through Life

Life is hard.

It's a fact we all know, yet many refuse to let sink in. We're too busy telling ourselves "untrue" statements to make the days go by a little easier.

It'll get better.

Everything happens for a reason.

When I get promoted, then I'll be happy.

The list goes on and on. For more, keep reading these 19 "untruths" people tell themselves to get through life.

I'll be happy when [insert goal here].

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How many times have you told yourself, I'll be happy when I lose 25 pounds. I'll be happy when I get that new job. While it's good to have goals, remember that happiness can start now, as you are.

Once this is done, then I'll be better.

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"'If I only get this over with , everything is going to be easy!' Life never runs out of waves to shake you. But while it isn't easy, you do learn to surf better." - u/charlie_wonka

Once life settles down, I'll focus on x, y, z.


"When I was a personal trainer this was usually the excuse. 'Once my life settles down a bit I’ll have time to focus on fitness.' Life never settles down. In fact, making life style changes just gets more difficult the longer you wait. Nobody ever wanted to hear it though." - u/Crtbb4

People always get what's coming to them.

"The reality is that sometimes the people who tormented you all those years ago are likely living pretty good lives." - u/yeetgodmcnechass. As much as you wish this wasn't true, it's best to accept it.

Crime doesn’t pay.

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While crime is never the answer, this Redditor points out that it can quite literally pay sometimes. "I know someone that embezzled over $1 million and got probation and has to pay back less than 10% of restitution."

It always gets better.

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"It doesn’t always get better. And some things don’t have solutions, such as a terminal illness or even poverty. It can get better, but telling people that simply time is gonna make those issues vanish is misleading." - u/mynameisnotbecky1

If I fall asleep right now, I’ll get X-hours of sleep.


"You’re gonna be awake for a while, honey," this Redditor wrote. Ain't that the truth! We spend so much time doing the math when we should be catching Zzzs.

I'm not an alcoholic.

People tell themselves this while they justify their drinking. But it's a birthday, but it's a party, but it's Wednesday!

As this Redditor pointed out, they spent 22 years doing this before they sobered up.

People who hurt me are also hurting.

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"As a kid I thought people bullied each other because their lives sucked, and then I realized my life also sucked and I didn't treat other people like that so what was their excuse." -u/dumpsterfire1998

It's all part of a bigger plan.

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"No it’s not. There is no good or redeeming reason for my brother to have burned to death in a car accident, thank you. There is no good reason for my best friend’s little boy to have died at 3 month old. None." - u/StillPunky

If you just work hard, it’ll all work out in end.


This encouraging statement has a very high chance of backfiring. The truth is, no matter how hard you work, there's still a very big chance that you will lose. Life isn't fair.

Money can’t buy happiness.

"Don’t have a house, job, and are starving? Don’t worry, just because you’re poor, doesn’t mean that having a mansion, 5 course meals, or a six digit salary will make you happier!" - u/Dark_Wolf04

There's always up from rock bottom.

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"The thought that when people hit rock bottom the only way to go is up. As someone who has seen it first hand. That's not true. Some people hit rock bottom and stay there until they die." - u/jimbo_slice829

Good always prevails over evil.

Oh, if only this were true. We see it happen in action movies all of the time: the hero always beats the villain in the end. But in real life, the bully at work may get promoted over you.

A positive attitude will make you physically better.

"As a chick with cancer, I get the 'just have the positive attitude' advice a lot … which always irked me. No one who feels like crap wants to fake a positive mindset to make others feel better." - u/KATinWOLF

The majority of people have a good soul and heart.

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"I tell myself this all the time. I’m constantly proven wrong. In reality, the majority of people are selfish and unkind, especially when it comes to other people." - u/Retrosonic82

We need meat to survive.

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Sorry, carnivores! This Redditor states that we can get all of our nutrients from plants.

They believe the world keeps perpetuating this lie just because we like the flavor. In the end, we're causing suffering to anmals.

Looks don't matter.


"I've noticed that this is generally said by attractive people, and people who have never struggled in dating." - u/deleted. At the end of the day, attraction is an important part of relationships.

Everything happens for a reason.

"When used to tell myself this, I was depressed and more stressed because I’d desperately try to find the reason and get more distraught when I couldn’t find a reason especially when it seemed that several [expletive] things where happening at the same time." - u/Glittering-Ship1910

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