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Waffle House Employee Working While Holding Infant Sparks Important Debate

There's no denying being a working mother can be incredibly challenging. There are so many reasons why a woman would choose to say home with their child, and there are also just as many reasons why a woman would choose to go back to work. However, the key would in the two arguments is choice, which unfortunately is not an option for many parents in the USA.

An important discussion has been sparked on social media this week after a video of a woman holding a baby while working a shift at Waffle House went viral.

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The video was uploaded to TikTok by user @kizzle360 who seemingly intended to share the employee.

"Aint’ know why she got her baby in here smh," the text overlay read.

While the video itself was framed negatively, many people were quick to hope to this woman's defence, explaining how unbelievably difficult it would be to cook and hold a child for an extended amount of time.

"So you telling me, she had to hold her baby at 25-30 pounds AND do her job and y’all have the audacity to shame her… she doing what she has to," wrote one user.

"Honestly If I were to see that, I would cry," commented one user. "That was something my parents had to do."

"Child care costs in the US are astronomical. That baby will know unconditional love," wrote one user.

"THIS is why we need free childcare," echoed a different user.

Soon after the video went viral, a woman who claimed to be the employee of the video explained the situation.

TikToker @tiffanyclark842 claimed that the baby was actually her niece who was about to be taken away by social services if she didn't take her right at that moment.

With an hour left on her shift, Tiffany explained she had to make due.

She then added that her boss just found out about her having the baby at work after the video went viral, and she's now waiting to find out if there are any repercussions.

Touched by the story, user @kylanablackwolf6 wrote: "We should be giving her love respect and help."