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Iconic ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ House Is Now The Perfect Halloween Vacationing Spot

The Silence Of The Lambs is arguably one of the most iconic films of all time — and now fans of the film can stay overnight in an actual location from the movie.

However, this is not just any location, it is Buffalo Bill's actual house. This iconic house is likely to become one of the hottest halloween vacationing spots.

Buffalo Bill's house is located in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania.

The house was purchased back in early 2021 by art director and prop stylist, Chris Rowan for $290,000.

The Silence Of The Lambs is one of Rowan's favourite movies, which you'd probably guessed, and in a statement about opening up the house to the public, Rowan explained:

"We want to give fans access to this unique opportunity to spend a night or two or even a week at Buffalo Bill's House and live out all of their Silence fantasies."

Groups of up to eight people can stay for several nights in the fully kitted-out house.

The location has been fully renovated, while also preserving key features of the three-story, four-bedroom house which were showcased in the 1991 movie.

Rowan has included a whole host of memorabilia from the movie throughout the house, with there even being a taxidermy death's head moth handing upon one of the walls.

Rowan has also kitted out the basement into "Buffalo Bill's Workshop of Horrors."

In the basement guests will find a whole host of mannequins dressed in authentic period clothing as well as a singer sewing machine like Buffalo Bill used in the movie.

And, just to add to the aesthetic, when guests enter the basement the song "Goodbye Horses" will start playing — as featured in the iconic "would you do me" know the one.

Guests can enjoy a large entertainment suite as well as a complimentary bottle of Buffalo Bill's House body lotion.

Buffalo Bill's Playhouse, located in the attic, features a pool table, air hocky table, various retro gaming cabinets, and a large TV for you to, presumably, watch The Silence Of The Lambs on.

Also, it's a swift hosing down for anyone who doesn't use the complimentary Buffalo Bill's House body lotion!

Rowan also has plans to build a recreation well in the cold cellar of the house.

The replica well will feature a basket and bottles of lotion for fans to recreate their favorite scene from the movie.

"First and foremost, I'm a huge fan, so I want to provide an experience to [other fans] that'll be a lasting memory," Rowan went on to say in a virtual tour of the property which you can watch below.

With halloween just around the corner, this could be the perfect getaway for any horror aficionados out there!

h/t: Buffalo Bill's House Website