20 Funny Pics That Show Us Life Can Still Surprise Us

Life can take you in some really strange directions sometimes. Often this can happen when you least expect it as well.

So, from people who found themselves being chased by bike-riding monsters to individuals who were provided with little-to-no help when they were on fire, here are 20 funny pics that show us life can still surprise us.

"I saved this little squirrel but my cat wasn't very pleased…"

That cat looks as though it is screaming, "What's the big idea, you don't see me stealing your lunch Dave, you lanky git!" People stealing your lunch is pretty annoying though in fairness.

"Is This Art?"

There will be someone out there looking for that sock. Maybe that's were all of the lost socks in the world go, they eventually find their way onto the back of this guy's car for some reason.

"My wife's new boss has a sense of humor."

That is a pretty incredible trophy actually! I cannot imagine that radiologists spend a lot of time getting the recognition that they deserve, but now they can! I like that they're keeping it next to the liquor as well.

"Carlton, Oregon: telling it straight."

I have never thought about it like that before, but it makes perfect sense. No wonder ghosts can be angry beasts considering that this is where they have come from! It all adds up now.

"I want to be a sensitive cowboy..."

I wonder what sort of thing they would learn about in these Cowboy lessons. Maybe they would teach you how to knit a soft revolver? These are the sorts of a skills that the modern man needs to know.

Well, That is Certainly A Choice!

This kind of looks like something that Bugs Bunny would be holding in a Looney Tunes cartoon. I know that a lot of people hate getting junk mail, but this is taking your hostility a little too far.

"My daughter's growing unicorn had its head out of water overnight."

This unicorn looks as though it has been hitting the gym a little bit too hard, it's really been smashing leg day. I like this more than the intended outcome I think.

"My wife says that my sandwich looks sad."

This is a pretty depressing-looking sandwich in fairness, but maybe this is how he likes it! If you want to eat your sandwiches with a tinge of sorrow, then you do you!

"You want anything from McDonald's?"

It would have been even weirder if they had charged this person for saying "No thanks," although that does seem like something that certain places would do. Airlines, for instance, would love to find more ways to charge people for absolutely nothing.

"I can safely say that I am never wearing overalls again."

Maybe this was a receipt given to Chris Pratt? I still cannot believe that he is going to be Mario, but he might nail it, we will just have to wait and see.

"Like this makes any more sense..."

I wonder how many baristas just make up new spellings for people's names as a way to try and keep themselves amused throughout the day? Sometimes you'll go to really extreme lengths to keep yourself entertained!

"Found this in the bathroom at a former workplace. Wasn't even mad then, because the chuckle made my day."

One strangely knowledgeable individual added, "The pentagram needs to be touching the circle to be effective (if you believe that kind of thing)."

"Pretzels dipped in white chocolate and laid on poppy seeds make up this delightfully smoky charcuterie board."

I actually cannot help but think that these are absolutely incredible. I mean, they aren't the most appetising looking snacks, but I am sure that they taste incredible.

"Tiny Lego nails..."

It was pointed out that having these nails would mean that anyone who stood on your hands would be in crippling agony. I don't know how often people get their hands trodden on though.

"My wife gave me this for our anniversary, she swears it's a p..."

I know that they were trying to be cute and all, but that lettering really changes the tone of this message. One other person did also point out, "your wife gave you a dick pick."

"This little guy keeps coming in here talking about wiping out all dogs. Wants us to call him 'Mein Purrher.'"

Christ, the resemblance of that cat to Hitler is just eerie. It is actually quite shocking how many cats resemble him.

"Instructions were...unclear."

"Hi, have you got any toilet paper."

"Sorry we don't sell that, this is a pet store."

"You mean, this isn't a public toilet? Then why do you have toilets out in the middle of the aisle?!"

"We... we don't."

"Bread got squished on the way home from the store. Now we are having Garlic Ghosts."

This person's misfortune has inadvertently created the best halloween treat possible. They are great for halloween parties and they will also keep vampires away from you!

"Me, on fire, looking at this: 'Haha good one!'"

You had just better hope that this Squirtle is over level 15, as otherwise it will not have learnt Water Gun. And yes, that was the nerdiest comment that I could possibly have made.

"Sitting in traffic, minding my own business when suddenly a wild animal appears..."

Another individual who is a biker also added, "I have 2 of these — evil clown and a shark. They can get pretty warm but I like that people see me."

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