Victoria Beckham's Favorite Food Is Dry Wheat Toast With Salt Because Of Course It Is

There are few people that have a more special place in my heart than the Spice Girls. Say what you want about popular music today, but the Spice Girls paved the way for so many modern girl groups. Of course, my favorite was always Posh because of her too cool for school attitude and as someone that was never too cool for anything, I wanted to emulate her.

I miss the Spice Girls almost as much as I miss IM chats and calling my friends on my landline phone to their landline phone.

There is something so quintessentially '90s about the iconic British girl group that they will always feel like home to me, and so many other Millenials.

Now, as we all know, the ladies are all thriving in their own right these days.

Arguably the most popular Spice is Posh, who not only married a major professional athlete but launched a brand empire that is still kicking butt 2 decades after her time in the girl group.

Victoria is also ageless and has one of the most rockin' bods ever — this we know to be true.

Now, fans are learning one of the singer's favorite snacks and when I tell you it's weird, I mean it.

While chatting with the London-based "River Cafe Table 4" podcast, Victoria was asked what her go-to comfort food is.

"This is where I sound even more boring — in the food department. OK, what do I like? I like whole-grain toast with salt on it," she replied.

"It’s that carb-y thing isn’t it? It’s that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted, and I love salt. What can I say?" she laughed.

If this is the secret to looking as good as she does, I'll be trying it tonight!