A Father's Concern Over Dolls' Outfits Is Sparking Debate: 'It's Literally Just Clothes'

Can a doll be too sexy? Our society is embracing body positivity more than ever before, in everything from our advertising right down to the toys our children play with. If that's so, why is it that some of the doll manufacturers still haven't gotten the hint?

At what point does celebrating women turn into sexualizing women, and is there a way to spot the difference? That's what one father wants to know after he voiced concern over the outfits on his daughter's dolls. Are they"just clothes" or is there something more to the debate?

Recently, a TikTok user and father (who goes by the handle @official.patrick.johnson) posted a video talking about his daughter's dolls.

Patrick begins by showing off his daughter's Tiana doll from Disney's The Princess and the Frog, — even breaking out into song. He then picks up an Anna of Ardelle doll from the movie Frozen and does the same thing, referring to the doll as "wholesome."

But according to Patrick, his daughter has absolutely no interest whatsoever in playing with Tiana or Anna. She only wants to play with her LOL Surprise Dolls — which has Patrick concerned.

As you can see, the LOL Surprise Dolls look a lot different from your average Disney Princess.

The first doll that Patrick pulled from the pack was wearing fishnets, booty shorts, and had an exposed midriff. He thought that it may have been just a one-off so he went back to try again. The second doll was wearing even fewer clothes than the first.

It's also worth noting that all of the dolls have pronounced posteriors, gigantic anime eyes, and thick pouty lips complete with lipstick.

The additional clip-on clothes that came with the dolls provided as much if not even less coverage.

Patrick proclaims aloud in the video “That ain’t covering up nothing,” and goes on to say that the doll was "dressed like a hoochie.” He then reveals that the baby versions of the LOL Surprise Dolls are dressed in the exact same manner.

"What are we doing to our kids," Patrick asks in desperation. "I don’t even know how to take them away from her, but I don’t want her thinking this the way women dress.”

Patrick goes on to clarify how he believes it's perfectly fine for adult women to wear whatever they want.

“If you in the privacy of your bedroom with your husband, that’s one thing," Patrick explains. "But c’mon now, not the kids.” He ends the video exclaiming "Help me, America! Is this what we doin'?"

It's a fair question that so far, more than 42,000 people have seen fit to comment on. The vast majority of which seem to be echoing Patrick's sentiment that the dolls are indeed dressed inappropriately.

Fellow TikTok user Viadarlene said that the outfits worn by the LOL Surprise Dolls are the exact same as what she wears to work.

She then went on to clarify that she works as an exotic dancer at a local strip club.

Another user who goes by the handle @count_chooch wrote, "Bruh how did Bratz and Monster High dolls get canceled but these are allowed?"

While the majority of TikTok users and parents share Patrick's concerns, there are those who feel that this is an overreaction.

Some even went as far as to say that criticizing the doll's clothes would send the wrong message to young girls and boys.

“It’s literally just clothes," one fed-up TikTok user said. "Let’s teach kids to not judge others based off[sic] what they have on but off their character." A noble sentiment if ever there was one.

Another remarked, “I don’t disagree that the dolls are scantily clad, but can’t we teach our kids to respect others no matter how they dress?”

This raises an interesting question: are kids intelligent enough to be able compartmentalize sex?

We don't allow children to watch violent movies or TV shows with gratuitous sex or nudity. Why? Well, that's easy — it's because they're too young.

With that in mind, is it fair for us to expect a five-year-old girl to understand that the clothes worn by her favorite doll aren't representative of the way women at large actually dress? Is it fathomable to think that certain toy manufacturers could be conditioning young girls into becoming sexual objects?

I don't have the answers but I'm open to the discussion.