The Customer Isn't Always Right, And I've Got Stories To Prove It

Jordan Claes
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If you think your job is tough, try working in customer service. It's a thankless, abusive industry wherein employees are at the mercy of rude and oftentimes belligerent customers.

Despite what you might have heard, the customer isn't always right. As a matter of fact — they're almost wrong 100% of the time. And I've got the stories to prove it.

Customers can be super sketchy at times.

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"People tried to rip temporary sale stickers off of one item and put them over another all the time when I worked retail. They'd pull that "you have to honor it! It's false advertisement!" BS. [expletive], that's a Canon and the sticker says Shopkins playset." - Reddit u/duckyblinders

Those are Gala apples, ma'am.

Unsplash | Craig Pattenaude

Reddit user Somgr81 was working the produce section when a woman asked him where to find Gala apples. After pointing out where they were, she returned moments later saying that all she kind find were Chelan apples.

Chelan is the brand name.

Why would you want to reorder from a restaurant that made you sick?

"Worked at a chain pizza place and had a lady call saying she wanted free food because she ordered a pizza the night before and it made her husband sick." - Reddit u/1982throwaway1

Are you sure that the lights aren't working?

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Reddit user jeremeezystreet was working the desk at a hotel when they received a call from one of the guests. Apparently, none of the lights in the hotel room were working and the guest had become irate. When jeremeezystreet went up to check, they saw that all the lights in the room were now on.

Sorry, but it doesn't work that way.

Unsplash | Anthony DELANOIX

"I work at a concert venue. I had a customer call the day after the show wanting a refund because the artist did not play his favorite song during the show." - Reddit u/Natskincap

That's not how a checking account works.


Reddit user blueholeload works as a bank teller. They said one time a customer came in furious about being charged an overdraft fee from her checking account. She argued that she couldn't possibly be overdrawn since she still had checks left.

Maybe you shouldn't have gone back for a third helping?

Unsplash | Ulysse Pointcheval

"I used to work at a buffet as a manager/cashier, and I remember this one customer that wanted a free meal because our food made her "throw up"." - Reddit u/FrostieWaffle

How could the public school system fail you so badly?

Unsplash | CDC

When Redditor sleepydreamygirl used to work at Subway, at least once a week they'd have a customer come into the restaurant and ask which sandwich was bigger — the six-inch or the foot-long?

There is no such thing as common sense.

Giphy | FOX TV

"I also had a customer try to park his truck in my store. Yes. You read that right. He said he is allowed to park there because it doesn't explicitly say "No Parking"." - Reddit u/gaba-gaba_hey

It literally says it in the name.

Unsplash | Alaundra Alford

While Saint-Ace was working as a server at a local restaurant, a customer came in and ordered their famous hot wings. After a couple of bites, they said that the wings were too hot and demanded a refund.

What did you expect from a 3-D movie?


"Customer comes out of his theatre ranting and raving about how "The images in the movie keep flying out at him" I see that he has 3D glasses in his hand, so I tell him "Yes sir, the movie is in 3D. That's what happens"." - Reddit u/awrina

When you're caught in a bald-faced lie.

Unsplash | Pawel Czerwinski

HeathrowHuston was working at a gas station and got a call from a woman claiming the attendant put regular petrol in her tank instead of diesel. They kindly explained that their particular gas station didn't sell diesel.

The amount of time really has nothing to do with it.

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"Guy got a parking ticket for parking in the handicap[sic] parking spot. He called me furious about it and demanded I recall the ticket so he didn't have to pay it. He said it wasn't fair because he was only in the store for a few minutes." - Reddit u/buckeye111

Just because they look the same doesn't mean that they cost the same.

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When Redditor Dholoken was working in a retail clothing store, a woman came up to the cash with two pairs of similar-looking socks. When they rang in at different prices, she became enraged — claiming that the store was trying to rip her off.

If you can't afford it then don't order it.


"Customer came up to pay for his meal, noticed his side of sausages was like $3. "That can't possibly be right. I can buy a whole chain of sausages for less that[sic] that. What are y'all trying to pull?" "Sir, that's the price for a side of sausage, it's printed on the menu"." - Reddit u/cold_toast_n_butter