Weird Hack To Heat Up Leftover Rice Is A Total Game Changer

Taylor Sakellis

Rice is a staple in every single household. No matter how you cook it, rice is essential for so many dishes in every culture. I love rice, and no, this article isn't about how much I love rice, (although I wish it was) it's about ensuring your leftover rice can be enjoyed for days to come.

How cool is that?

I love leftovers because, well, I'm not a crazy person.

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Leftovers are the reason I get through the week. If you haven't bought a rotisserie chicken from Costco to use in 4 different dinner meals, who are you?

Do you know what goes well with 3-day old chicken and also pretty much everything else? RICE!

Unsplash | Pille R. Priske

It's truly and honestly my life blood, I friggin love rice! Do you know what I don't love, though? Hard, crunchy leftover rice.

We've all experienced it!

In addition to the crusty, dried up rice issue, there's also a lil' issue called FOOD POISONING if you don't heat your rice up enough.

Giphy | It's Suppertime

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, friends — yes there is!

Apparently, that solution is an ice cube. Weird right? But please, bear with me.

In a TikTok that has gone viral, user @emilymariko showed her followers her hack for heating up leftover rice.

While showing her favorite lunch from the past week, she filmed herself warming up her rice with an ice cube in the center, which apparently helps create STEAM!

When followers began questioning what the heck was going on, one user wrote: "Microwaves vibrate the water molecules inside food to produce heat. Since the water molecules inside ice are locked in place, they can’t move."

BAM! Now you have sticky, delicious rice every time and not crunchy, dry rice.

I will absolutely be trying this next time!