Twitter Is Divided Over Kate Middleton's Bold Red Carpet Look

Kate Middleton is known for having a great sense of style. In that way, she and I are very alike. Interestingly enough, that is where our similarities end.

On Tuesday night, Kate attended the premiere of Daniel Craig's final James Bond film, No Time To Die and let's just say, it looks like Kate was hoping to be cast in the next film because her outfit was IMMACULATE.

When we think of Kate Middleton's style, we know it's chic.

We know it's classy. We know it's not too flashy or exciting, and I mean that in the best way possible.

There's no doubt the 39-year-old is stylish, but there's certain rules she has to follow now as the future Queen of England.

Modesty and presentability are of the utmost importance to the Royal family (_duh), and that can sometimes get in the way of a viral fashion moment.

However, Kate recently left everyone's jaws on the floor at the premiere of the latest James Bond film "No Time To Die."

It was exciting to see such a lavish red carpet event happening again β€” it's almost like old times again!

Arriving at the Royal Albert Hall Tuesday night, Kate left fans speechless in a gold frock with a CAPE!

The sparkling Jenny Packham number was every bit dramatic as it was breathtaking and hey, Prince William isn't looking too shabby himself!

Naturally, the internet has been reeling ever since the Duchess of Cambridge hit the red carpet.

If I was Kate, I would literally never take this gown off β€” cape and all! Also, can we take a moment for her earrings and hair? Stunning from head to toe!

It's been a long time since someone lit up the carpet the way Duchess did on Tuesday night.

"Absolutely stunning, think it’s her biggest fashion moment since her wedding dress!" wrote one fan on Twitter.

"IMO, this is one of the WOW moments in red carpet history! Absolute perfection!" agreed another.

Honestly, I feel kind of bad for Daniel Craig because no one was looking at him at his LAST MOVIE PREMIERE as James Bond,

Although, I'm sure he looked so handsome and classy but hey β€” a good suit doesn't hold a candle to custom Jenny Packham!

However, since it's the internet, not everyone agreed with the fabulous frock choice.

"Did she get that dress off the set of the Dallas tv show??? Pro tip: remove the hanger before wearing," tweeted one critic.

"Seems a tad much to sit in a movie house and watch yet another sequel," echoed another.

Of course, people also started taking digs at her marriage as well.

It wouldn't be a viral story about HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge if rumors about hubby Prince William weren't also thrown around social media for good measure.

Despite what anyone thinks, I think this is one of the Duchess' best looks yet!

And to think we've been starved of this type of fashion content from her for nearly two years!

Now, don't mind me, just going to see if I can increase my credit card limit...