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This Easy Hack Will Let Tequila Taste Like Water

Drinking alcohol can be a truly great time, but some alcohol tastes way too strong and way too bitter. For many who want to get a bit tipsy and twisted but hate the taste of tequila and vodka, having something that tastes virtually like no alcohol in it is the go-to. However, it's not so easy to mask the taste of alcohol without adding so much sugar to it—leading to a big 'ol hangover.

One TikTok user is changing the game when it comes to drinking, though.

TikTok user chixy38 is here to change the way we drink alcohol forever, apparently, with a hack that makes tequila and vodka (and, many other liquors she assumes) taste just like water.

Think about how beautiful life would be if liquor went down as easily as a cup of water!

chixy38 shared the steps you need to take in order to get the job done.

First, you'll need a cup with some ice and a bottle of your favorite alcohol. In the video, the TikTok user used tequila for the video.

She first pours a little tequila over the ice in the cup, without any add-ins or mixers.

Add some mineral water to it, too.

After the alcohol, the TikTok user then added mineral water on top of the tequila.

While it's unclear if the mineral water is a must, we're going to follow along and see how it goes for this experiment.

Then, you need to add a pinch of baking soda.

While it sounds really weird and a bit crazy, chixy38 says you need to add some baking soda into the tequila. But, not a lot.

Literally a pinch or two into your hand and then right into the drink over ice.

Next, add some salt.

When you think of tequila, you usually think of salt around the rim.

But, the salt you're adding to the tequila should be table salt and like the baking soda, shouldn't be a lot. Then, you shake it all up and mix it up together.

To test it out, the TikTok user asked her husband to taste it.

And, her husband told viewers that it really does taste like water. You can't taste the tequila at all.

And, the TikTok user adds if you can still taste it a bit, add a tad more salt (but not too much).

People online totally agreed that this does indeed work.

Quite a few people in the comment section said that they, too, tried this experiment and it does indeed work.

Some said that you do need to add a bit more salt if you still taste it but like the TikTok video warned not to overdo the salt.

Others are so happy to discover this.

Many said they don't love the taste of alcohol and it turns them off of drinking completely, so they're so excited to find a way to drink with friends and family socially.

Why not, right?

And, apparently, some people already know this hack!

This is definitely interesting, but kind of dangerous if the idea is to go on a crazy drinking ride with your friends.

So be careful!

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