Meghan Markle Sports Handbag With Emotional Hidden Detail

One of the coolest parts of fashion is that you can use your clothes to do so much more than just look cute! You can wear clothes to tell a story, to pay homage to something or someone important to you, or to establish your own identity!

It's no surprise that someone as stylish as Meghan Markle is able to do all three with just one little accessory.

Obviously, Meghan has always been a style icon.

Whether it was her statement wedding dress that rocked the world or if it's just her classic yet trendy day-to-day style, I know I've always admired her ability to pull together a stunning look that always seems effortless.

On September 25th, Meghan and Harry attended the Global Citizen Live event in NYC.

While Meghan obviously looked stunning in a short white dress with a long black overcoat, it was her black Dior handbag that really got people talking — because it held a hidden meaning with some emotional ties to the Royal Family!

The bag itself is the Lady D-Lite bag.

The bag was named after Princess Diana, who was famously such a huge fan of that particular style of bag that they changed the name from Chouchou to honor her.

Meghan's bag also had a hidden detail that made it all hers.

Rather than the label being embroidered on the bag, the letters DSSOS are on Meghan's bag.

The DSSOS likely stands for Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan's royal title.

Stylish and meaninful - you can't get any better than that!

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