Woman Creates Adorable PJs For Pit Bulls To Help Reduce The Stigma Of The Breed

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge animal lover. Growing up with a dog had such a positive impact on me. I personally don't believe there are bad dogs out there. It's really all in their upbringing.

But I can understand the stigma associated with certain dog breeds, such as pit bulls, and one creative lady is trying to change that. Check out this sweet story below.

Pit bull owners know all too much about how the dog breed is perceived.

Yes, originally pit bulls were bred for fighting. But that's not the case anymore. Many people get these dogs as pets and love them just as they would any other dog breed.

But it must be hard to see the fear in other people's eyes as a pit bull owner.

Unsplash | Robson Hatsukami Morgan

These lovable dogs get a bad rap for being vicious, and one such owner is doing everything she can to change that.

Erin Crowley was lucky enough to own a pit bull that she got from a shelter.

She, too, was hesitant at first. But once she met Duncan, both herself and her boyfriend fell in love with him fast. Sadly, after a rare cancer, Duncan passed at only two-years-old.

Erin really wanted to do something to honor her beloved dog.

So she started a company called Pittie Clothing Company that makes adorable PJs made especially for pit bulls and their unique body frame. Awe, that is the sweetest thing. Isn't it?

Check out these two cutie pies wearing Erin's creations.

Don't they look stunning or what? They're so handsome. I wonder how they feel about wearing super cute PJs. I bet they love them, too. And guess what? That's not the only thing Erin's company makes.

They also make companion PJs for the dogs' owners.

OMG! What? Ha, ha. So now, these owners can match their dogs. Isn't that the most wonderful idea you've heard of, huh? Don't worry, you don't have to own a pit bull to get one either.

Anybody can get their hands on these matching PJ sets.

So whether you have a boxer, a cocker spaniel, or a German shepherd, go right ahead. Order one for yourself and your furry friend. Where has this been all my life?

Look at this.

If you do own a pit bull, I bet nobody would feel threatened if they saw him wearing this. Am I right? People need to understand that a dog brought up in a loving home can be a well-adjusted pet.

What do you think of this idea?

Do you love it as much as I do? I wish I had cute PJs like these when my dog was still alive. I would have loved to wear it with my bestie. So what are you waiting for, huh? Get yourself a pair of these, and don't forget your dog, too.