Designers Create Spiky, Colorful Armour To Protect Small Dogs From Predators

Dog owners know the fear of taking your dog on a walk and encountering some local wildlife.

Small dogs are especially vulnerable to predators, thanks to their outsized idea of how big they are. They think they're tough guys! Thankfully, one company created the perfect vest for small dogs that allow for maximum protection from predators: the CoyoteVest!

Looking bad never looked so good.

This is the CoyoteVest! It's made with special fabric that is resistant to canine teeth, comes with a reinforced collar to protect your dog's neck, and has all sorts of removable attachments to protect your pup from attack.

The product was created after the owners lost their own dog.

"On September 2nd 2014 our sweet little girl Buffy was taken by a coyote right in front of us, and there was nothing we could do to stop it," owners Paul and Pamela Mott said on their site.

The want to protect other dogs from meeting Buffy's fate.

"Since that day we have been focused on developing products that can help protect other dogs from a similar attack. If we can help save one life we know we have made a difference to that family."

The most popular add-on is the Coyote Whiskers.

According to CoyoteVest, "their purpose is to intimidate and encourage predators to look for an easier and more familiar target."

It makes perfect sense for a predator to think twice before attacking something with hot pink spikes!

Dog owners love it for the protection from birds, too.

"Sally is more protected now against aerial attacks and any bad doggies! It's an added plus that she looks Savage!"

No more dive bombs from birds looking to cause chaos! You love to see it.

The HawkShield protects against birds.

"The purpose of the HawkShield is to reduce the chance of being stabbed in the back by a raptor. Our testing shows that the HawkShield is capable of withstanding a violent strike by sharp talons," the site reads.

This is the perfect vest for all small dogs!

Not only does it keep them safe, it makes them look cool and hilarious — and that's the point! The stranger they look, the less inclined predators will be to take a bit out of them.

The spikes look so cool.

The coyote whiskers are definitely a great deterrent, but I DEFINITELY love the spikes. They make the dogs look so effortlessly cool, like punk dogs who listen to heavy metal.

You can check out the CoyoteVest on their site!

The original vest retails for $99.95 and comes in 5 different sizes! You can choose from a bright array of colors, and of course purchase some velcro add-ons to keep your pup safe.

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