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Easy Fall Hack Turns The Worst Halloween Candy Into Cute Home Decor

Who here loves decorating their house for fall or Halloween? I do, I do, ha, ha! But I have to admit those fancy decor pieces can get expensive. Am I right?

Well, I just stumbled upon a genius idea on TikTok that will not only look great, but it's also really cheap. Check it out and implement it in your home.

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever used Halloween candy as home decor?

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No? You definitely should. Why? Because it's such a cute and easy idea, duh! But you wouldn't want to use your favorite candies and chocolates to do that.

Instead, use something like candy corn.

Candy Depot

I mean, does anybody even eat that? There's a reason this particular treat has been voted the worst Halloween candy over and over again. Isn't it pretty gross? You must agree with me on that.

Get a load of this idea.

Why not put that candy corn inside a decorative jar and display it on your mantle, huh? Don't you think that's a super fun and clever idea? I think so. But you don't want to spend too much money on it, right?

So do what this clever lady does.

You see, she puts an upside-down cup inside of her jar, and then she fills the jar with candy corn. That way, she doesn't need as much candy to fill it. Aha! What a genius idea!

Why haven't I thought of that?

This method could have saved me so much money buying that crappy candy corn, ha, ha! Now I'll have a lot more dough to buy the candies and chocolates I really love like Reeses' Pieces and Snickers.

See how awesome this looks?

I am so doing that. The funny thing is I just saw bags of candy corn at the store, and I was like, "Gross. I don't want that." And now I actually want to buy some, ha, ha!

As it turns out, other people also love this idea.

They think putting the cup inside of the jar is a total game-changer. I mean, nobody would know, ha, ha! So you can definitely get away with it, no problem.

And I'm happy to see that most folks also think candy corn sucks.

They pretty much agree with me that this is the only thing that candy corn is good for, hee-hee. Stuff it in that jar and reuse it next year.

So what's the consensus here?

Do you think this is a great fall/Halloween decor idea? I admit it's pretty cheap, and it looks cute and festive, too.

The best thing is you don't have to worry about anybody eating the candy unless they really do like it. And in that case, they're just weird, ha, ha!