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Experts Have Decided Which Country Has The Most Beautiful Women In The World

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As in, beauty can't be judged objectively.

But does that stop people from judging? Nope. Case in point: experts have decided which country has the most beautiful women.

This was found in a very interesting way, and the answer might seriously surprise you.

In order to answer "which country has the most beautiful women in the world," one website sought out to study beauty pageants.

After all, what's a greater mark of beauty than a beauty pageant?

All four international beauty pageants — Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International — judge the women on beauty, physique, communication skills, and performance.

Missosology.com found that Venezuela had more women win international beauty pageants than any other country.

They've won Performer of the Year 18 times, as of 2018. That's a pretty big feat. In comparison, Andrea Toscano, who represented Mexico at Miss Universe 2018, failed to place.

We all know that the United States is a heavyweight in beauty pageants.

Venezuela is right on par with them, as both countries are tied with seven Miss Universe titles.

Similarly, they are tied with six winners each in the case of Miss World.

So, what is it about Venezuelan women that make them so unbeatable?

For starters, they're beautiful. They are very exotic and appreciate their country's rich culture. Secondly, it could be because they're most hungry to win.

As a country that has a struggling economy, many young women join the pageant circuit as a way to escape poverty.

After winning titles, many crown holders from Venezuela have gone on to have accomplished careers as actresses, journalists, and presidential candidates.

Isabella Rodriguez, winner of the 2018 Miss Venezuela, went from living in one of the country's biggest slums to a life of fame and fortune.

Her story, like many others, provides hope to young girls and their families that they, too, can escape poverty.

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There are thousands of Venezuelan women who apply for the Miss Venezuela pageant each year.

Held since 1952, it's the country’s national beauty pageant. Women will apply for several consecutive years until they are accepted.

Once they are shortlisted for the pageant, rigorous training begins.

The Mirror reports that an intensive training program, lasting six months, will involve "coaching in speech, physical fitness, make-up, modeling, and all the other skills required for the competition."

With the competition fierce, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry has become common.

In 2019, Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutierrez thanked her cosmetic surgeon on Instagram for enhancing her facial features.

The doctor, Froilan Paez, suggested in his caption that the beauty queen had her nose, chin, and ears enhanced. Gutierrez is certainly not the first beauty queen to go under the knife.

“We don’t encourage it, but we don’t prohibit it, either,” said Paula Shugart, who's head of Miss Universe Organization.

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"Physical beauty is seen as a value," added Esther Pineda, an expert in women's studies, told CTV News. "And it's given more importance than any other attribute."

Many Venezuelan women have dreamed of being in pageants since they were young.

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It's not surprising, considering pageants are the country's biggest export, aside from oil.

Johandrys Colls, a then-16-year-old Venezuela, told CTV that she's been dreaming about pageants since she was six years old.

She would even steal her mother's high heels to look like the beauty queens she saw on TV.


"It's inspiring," she said. "It's something beautiful to see them compete and share their talent with the world."

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